18 New PS4 Dynamic an Static Themes Released on PlayStation Store; One Looks Awfully Familiar

A batch of new PS4 dynamic themes have been launched on the North American PSN ahead of the official update today. One of them looks awfully familiar.

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frankiebeans1147d ago

who makes this crap? it looks like bad pictures i can just find typing into google

Sir_Simba1147d ago

I also wish to find out.

kurruptor1147d ago

Next question is who is buying this crap and encouraging them to keep doing it?

Mega241147d ago

I really wish we could just import ones from PS3, or atleast open it like it was in PS3. Since it launched, I haven't seen a worthy theme, except for the Order I think. $3 to $4 is way too expensive for those generic looking themes.

u4one1147d ago

if im being completely honest, the themes i've seen so far are mostly disappointing (with a few exceptions). i was also expecting the dynamic themes to be cooler and more clever. most of them feel kinda phoned in...

how does one go about building a theme?

theXtReMe11147d ago

I bought one theme(San Fran Bridge) and it looks like it is in standard definition 16:9. They are very low resolution and the animation is archaic. Which is why I went back to using the standard theme. I wish they would allow people to create their own themes, whether animated or not. At least allow us to select a photo from a USB stick.

rdgneoz31147d ago

They have several free ones that are nice. The little paper mache one, the free FF XIV on JP or EU PSN store, a few waterfall ones, and they gave away a theme for The Order if you did the website stuff for it. The Order and FF are my favorites, love the music they used it in and The Order is dynamic with smoke coming out of chimneys on the roof tops.

M4DE_IN_W4LE51147d ago

bad show , do a dynamic one like my avatar lol

LakerGamerEnthusiast1147d ago

I have the Los Angeles dynamic theme and Brooklyn bridge ones. Although the views are nice and dynamic aspects as well, (car lights and all) the resolutions are horrid. I wish they would make a decent attempt at improving these areas. Then the prices would be justified imo. But as is, they aren't that great. Only ok.

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