Review: Battlefield Hardline Plays Well, Resonates Horrifically | EGMR

EGMR's Bracken Lee-Rudolph writes: "Battlefield Hardline‘s a game that was polarising since its reveal — it was both vilified for being such a step out of the normal Battlefield formula, and praised for attempting to approach a different subject matter. However, these preconceptions, much like the game itself, are neither here nor there."

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ImHyjack1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

This is one of the worst attempts to bash a very fun game is it perfect no is it addictive crazy fun yes it is and BF4 is garbage see I can spew crap as well this isn't BF4 and people like you is why we have 14 of the same game publishers are very iffy on new IPs or spin offs because they can be fantastic and still have to deal with idiots like you. Go play in the street