“It felt like robbery”: Tomb Raider and the fall of Core Design

In their words, devs say how things got too big, too fast—leading to studio shutdown.

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-Foxtrot1151d ago

What a shame...the reboot is alright but it doesn't touch the classic games as it feels like a new IP not Tomb Raider

Bigpappy1150d ago

Wow. It seem like everyone has high expectations for this new release. It would be normal to think that their are making the same mistake, by putting too much pressure on this new release to right all the wrongs. But this game has to be very near completion, and the gameplay and story are pretty much set in stone at this point. I would say that they are excited about what they have on their hands now.

I can't wait to get my hands on this game. I think it may be the most important TR ever made, as there is this sense that this games seems to be about regaining the pride and status of Tomb Raider as a franchise. Let's go!