Grand Theft Auto V PC at 60 Frames-Per-Second: Official Trailer Coming Thursday April 2 10am ET

This Thursday April 2 at 10am ET (7am PT / 3pm BST), look for a special Grand Theft Auto V PC 60 Frames-Per-Second Trailer to debut exclusively here at

For the best viewing experience, please make sure to watch on the most recent generation device and/or browser.

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lelo2play1146d ago

Who cares?

Rockstar took their sweet time. Only who is completely mad would pay full price (50-60€) for the PC version after all this time. The console version is half (or even a quarter) price of the PC version. Rockstar can kiss my a**.

higgins781146d ago

Ouch. Bumbed your 'next gen' consoles isnt in fact so next gen? Dont get me wrong, I own a very modest PC, Wii U and PS4. I just dont see any problem with the PC version supporting 60fps, after all, the consumer will decide if they want it or not, NOT you.

Audiggity1146d ago

Who cares? I do... and so do the thousands of others that have this pre-ordered through Steam.

I've clocked tons of time in GTA on the 360. It was great. The PC version will destroy it alongside the XB1/PS4 versions.

Replay editor, mods, custom soundtracks, significantly enhanced graphics...

Yes, they did take their sweet time, that's because GTA V is exponentially more complex and feature-rich than any other game on the market.

I can't f&%*(@g wait! 2 weeks!

--bienio--1146d ago

Do not forget it's complete edition plus for me it's like brand new game!! I just saw one gameplay that's it!! So Yeahh people will pay full price for GtaV

AndrewLB1146d ago

The graphics comparison from a few months ago didn't do the PC version justice. Check out the latest one showing the massive differences between PC and PS4.

sungam3d1146d ago


Hopefully my new comp comes before GTA V.
Stupid GTX 980 is on back order -_-

Gonna be rocking 60fps on Ultra!

Plagasx1146d ago

Yeeeesssss finally get to see the definitive edition in all it's glory.