Is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin still worth playing for Bloodborne fans?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not Bloodborne fans should play the upcoming Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

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ArchangelMike1085d ago

Weirdly enough, Bloodborne makes me want to go back and replay Demon's Souls. It reminds me alot of Demon's Souls... even though it's so different.

Number-Nine1085d ago

same here. i think it has a lot to do with the artistic design or enemies and the overall creepiness of the environments. Dark Souls has a fantasy feel, and while DeS and BB have elements of fantasy it also has that eerieness DeS had.

GHOSTxx4201084d ago

Yea I agree with both of you, I feel this game is a lot closer to demons souls then it is the dark souls series. Either way there amazing.

Xer0_SiN1084d ago

what they need to do is either make a demons soul remaster ultimate, that includes delving deeper into demons souls lore via the broken archstone. i feel that was that was such a wasted opportunity. OR, make a bonafide demons souls sequel. not darks souls, and not darks souls 2. i miss world tendencies and the nexus.

joab7771084d ago

I wondered why they did what they did and now I know. It's b/c it will make new fans want to go back, and what better game to buy next then a remaster with 60 fps combat. And then who knows, if they are smart they re-release the other 2 also.

It makes me want to go back and play DS2 again b/c it's the only one I didn't play extensively, none of the dlc. I played DS and DS forever.

Brilliant move actually.

dolphin_supreme1085d ago

after playing dark souls, dark souls 2 and now bloodborne, i feel like dark souls 2 is not the best out of the three. but that 60 fps kinda makes me want to relive it once more.

-Foxtrot1085d ago

Dark Souls just didn't have that spark Demons Souls did.

I can never put my finger on it...maybe it's because Demons Souls was out first taste of the series so it was more fresh. I wouldn't mind a sequel to Demons Souls to be honest.

Timesplitter141085d ago

imo Dark Souls was the best of all 4 for its time

starchild1085d ago

Dark Souls is still my favorite game in the series.

dolphin_supreme1085d ago

I agree with timesplitter. I think dark souls is my favorite game because it was my first souls game. nothing else compares to your first time getting your ass kicked 15 times by the same boss only to finally beat him! I think the same reason you love demon souls so much foxtrot is the same reason i love dark souls :) either way i'm glad Fromsoftware and Miyazaki made these games. Nothing else compares to them.

Vanfernal1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Most people I know who claim Dark Souls is the best played Dark Souls first. But a lot of the people that started with Demon's Souls (myself included) think that the original is the best. The level design, the character and world tendencies, the overall cryptic factor. It just did a lot of stuff perfectly. Your character tendency was affected by helping or invading people so the multiplayer aspect actually felt necessary and not just like a neat feature. Being dead sucked because it made the game much harder so that encouraged you to help people to gain humanity back. Everything just seemed to work really well together. In Dark Souls, for example, there's absolutely no downside to being hollow except the fact that you look like a zombie. Overall although Dark Souls has a much larger world to me the game felt much simpler.

nix1085d ago

Finished Demon's Souls. Never could finish DS I and II... i just can't figure it out.

Bloodborne however is amazing.. it's feels so fresh.

Bimkoblerutso1084d ago

Dark Souls is probably still my favorite too, though Bloodborne is different enough that I think it's just about on the same level.

Gamer19821084d ago

"imo Dark Souls was the best of all 4 for its time". Says an Xbox only gamer who has clealry never played bloodbourne or demons souls.

1084d ago
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joab7771084d ago

My feelings exactly. My least favorite by alot, bit who knows now w new graphics, 60 fps combat, all dlc and added difficulty, AI, and enemy placement.

The thing is that once you play A From game, little else compares. Only a few games have ever done that to me. Bioshock being 1. The Witcher another. It's like sewing a great movie, it ruins you for a long time.

I was worried about the chalice dungeons, bit they are actually brilliant b/c they do have better weapins and runes. If they continued w dlc and added customization elements that allowed you to add runes or gems that changed the look of your gear and or weapons, it would be awesome.

Then, have chalice events with special bosses and rewards. Add cool new masks, gowns etc. I don't even care about the stats.

PurpHerbison1084d ago

The 60FPS on the PC version STILL wasn't enough to make me want to play it.

StrawberryDiesel4201085d ago

It most certainly is worth playing for Bloodborne fans, especially those who haven't played through it. I personally only completed around 20% of the game on PS3 as I had so much other stuff going on at the time. Now it's time to play the entire game on my PS4 at 1080p/60fps and I'm looking forward to it. Plus it includes all the DLC. I will be picking this up along with Borderlands Handsome Collection and I will be playing the hell out of Bloodborne as well. Lots of choices right now for any PS4 gamer.

Edward751085d ago

I say, if you have to pick between the two... Go with Bloodbourne.
If you beat Bloodbourne and didn't play DS 2 ... It's worth playing.
If you thought Bloodbourne was too difficult, stay away from DS2, I felt that ds2 was a bit more difficult.
Lastly if you are a fan of the "genre" you really should play both and won't be upset.

starchild1085d ago

I do think Dark Souls is more difficult, but it also felt more fair to me. Bloodborne gets a lot easier once you get past the Cleric Beast.

maybelovehate1085d ago

It gets easier for a while.. But it doesn't stay that way. The latter parts of the game are brutal. Just spent 6+ hours on the last boss and still haven't beaten him. I beat Cleric on my first try. So definitely not easier lol.

Harkins17211085d ago

Hell yea. I plan of picking it up down the line. BB is my first game too. Cant wait to play DS2!

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