The Development of Axiom Verge: A 5-year Retrospective

Posted by Tom Happ on Mar 31, 2015 // Programmer/Artist/Designer/Com poser, Thomas Happ Games LLC:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Lao Tzu

It was about 5 years ago that I kicked off a side hobby project. At the time I was working at Petroglyph on an RTS game as a programmer during the day, and just wanted a fun side project to work on as a hobby for my evenings and weekends. Some people build model airplanes, some collect stamps. My hobby is making games.

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slinky1234561205d ago

It's really a great game. I'm usually not a big fan of these games anymore cause I had such trouble with them as a kid and even now. But I go this and really love it. It makes you think but still isn't overly difficult about anything, and still has the fun value there. It's the perfect Metroidvania game imo.