Microsoft is ignoring Xbox One's biggest energy issue

Why is Microsoft seemingly determined to avoid addressing Xbox One's energy-wasteful default mode, which is costing consumers millions of dollars a year in electricity bills?

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Head_bigg1207d ago

The Windows 10 Update will likely address this. It's no biggie.

nicksetzer11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

What is to be addressed? So in standby mode you use .45kw/hours a day. $0.12 per killowatt hour and you have $1.60 a month....

To put this in perspective an average light bulb is 60 watts almost 4 times the power used by your xbox in standby. And how many light bulbs are in your house? How often are they on? How often do you forget to turn on Off? Not to mention all your tvs, monitor, PCs, and even the ps4 consume 10+ watts when off or in standby as well.

Pretty much you have to be completely delusional to believe this is so outrageous unheard of thing and even more ignorant to not realize there is an option to turn off the xbox fully, rather than standby.

Sad what some people will come to whine about over a freaking console war.... or actually just oit of being purely ignorant.

nicksetzer11206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

In fact, there is an option presented upon first boot after all. I knew I remembered it asking.

Bdub20001206d ago

Yes, the massive spike in my electricity bill after plugging in my X1 made me lose my house.

My neighborhood HOA got together to complain about the massive loss of available power in my neighborhood since the launch of X1. The power company had to upgrade the power plant here and is causing global warming to speed up, caused a nuclear reactor to overload, and a volcano erupted. Way to go Microsoft! They are so evil, I think this was there plan all along to take over the world, 12 watts at a time!

gatormatt801206d ago

To be fair nicksetzer1, that's a European Xbox One initial boot screen. The article says that's not an option upon first boot of an Xbox in the US.

DERKADER1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

XBONE standby = 12watts

PS4 rest mode = 10watts

Their whole argument is that it's the default option and that people are to stupid/ignorant to know any better. I put the blame on ignorant consumers not the manufacturer. Stay classy polygon.

Moldiver1207d ago

yup, thats a huge TDP difference s/...

Eonjay1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Well, Polygon is really misinterpreting the data here. The 12.5 Watt number isn't the problem here.

Its not so much that the Xbox One doesn't have a lower power state (and yes 12.5 is still more than 10 watts) but the real thing the NRDC wants Microsoft to do is make it default or easier for people to find because by default, the Standby mode is using 18 Watts which is 2x more than the PS4 in Rest mode. The extra power is used for the instant "Xbox On" features that most probably don't care about.

TheCommentator1207d ago

Standby uses 12.5 watts, compared to 18 when it first launched. Full shutdown uses only 1/2 a watt.

It's been a long time since I bought XB1, but I seem to recall that upon initial setup the system takes you through all of those setup options anyways so you don't have to find it(not that Settings is hard to find anyways).

Eonjay1207d ago


I wouldn't know if the setting is part of the initial setup, but to me it would make sense for the 18 Watt mode to be default when the console first released due to the Kinect. Also, one easy fix would be to add different shutdown modes to the quick menu.

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uth111207d ago

I read someone tested the PS4 with a kill-a-watt meter and found the rest mode to be less than 4 watts. I think I'll repeat the test as well since I have a kill-a-watt at home.

I don't have an Xbox One, or I'd test that too, I'm curious if it's really 12 watts

DERKADER1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

PS4 uses less than 4 watts in standby mode if you disable USB charging.

@uth11 yes

uth111207d ago

if nothing is plugged into the USB ports, does it still draw extra power?

Macdaddy711207d ago

Why does it matter they get there info from over millions of x1 at one time...not just one..people that loves there x1 really don't care bout the power!!! I dont I never then mine off Never!!!! Stop with this crap already..... Keep flaming MS over every little thing n it will only be Sony then you will see what happens,..think EA is bad..Sony would be 10 times worse

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Dlacy13g1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

"That results in a lot of unnecessary energy use," ...Thats funny because I actually love standby mode and find an immense value out of turning on my xbox quickly. I think the assumption of "unnecessary energy use" is just that an assumption toward consumers. Just proving the notion of what happens when you assume things.

MacUser19861207d ago

If you're that lazy that you cannot disable a feature on a game console you shouldn't be allowed to own one.

What's happened to this world?

Christopher1207d ago

1. You have to know it exists.
2. Most people buy consoles just to play games, not fiddle with power save modes.

dennett3161207d ago

People too stupid to check out the features of an expensive piece of electronics to see what it can and can't do deserve to have their money wasted.
I'd rather have options than the awful alternative of dumbing everything down because there are people out there too lazy or stupid to check an options menu for 2 minutes.

DERKADER1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


So when you buy something you don't do any research and just think it will do what you want automatically.

Christopher1207d ago

@dennett316: Has nothing to do with intelligence. Has to do with what people want out of the device and what they consider to be needed. Most people don't care about power save features and will use it as default unless they can improve their experience in some manner through power save features.

@DERKADER: Who would search for power saving features when they are happy with what it does out of the box? In fact, who would think to use power save features when they probably don't care about that at all unless it's a method of improving how long their controller lasts in a day?

DERKADER1207d ago

"Who would search for power saving features when they are happy with what it does out of the box?"

Someone who wants to know what their product is capable of. But I guess ignorance is bliss.

Christopher1207d ago

***Someone who wants to know what their product is capable of. But I guess ignorance is bliss.***

That's most people today. I'm a power user. I want to know everything my device does. Most people, though, only look for something when they find that they want to use it, but not until then.

DERKADER1207d ago

So you agree that this is only a problem for people who choose to not learn about their consoles features. I don't make excuses for these people.

Christopher1207d ago

Sure, if it's a problem at all. I think for most people, this is a non-issue.

Note, I was replying to the sentiment of "If you're that lazy that you cannot disable a feature on a game console you shouldn't be allowed to own one."

That seemed extremely hyperbolic to me.

nicksetzer11207d ago

You also need to know how to turn lightswitches off .... should we be outraged that they don't just turn off by default?

Not to mention you are whining about $1.60 per month ... you clearly just don't understand how power consumption wirks or you wouldn't be so upset .... tv, monitors, even the ps4 use power when they are off (10w +) yet i haven't seen anyone, icluding yourself whine about it like this.

Christopher1207d ago

@nicksetzer1: Think you responded to the wrong person?

magiciandude1207d ago

Most people buy consoles just to play games, not fiddle with network settings, video settings, sound settings, system updates, themes, user accounts, multimedia, browse the web, etc. etc.

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Sm00thop1207d ago

Dumb people that think the world runs on fresh air, I bet the people that write these dumb articles blaze through a ton more energy than the average person.

Sm00thop1207d ago

Well I like my console updating while its in standby, my money and I'll spend it how I like. If you found it a problem then you'd look for the setting and switch it into saver mode, its all about choice.

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