Has Bloodborne Lost its Magic?

Thegamefanatics: Bloodborne is easier than the previous games and lacks the same sense of wonder, exploration, mystery, and progression. Put the pitchfork away and give me a few minutes of your time--I promise I have good reasons for saying this.

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Spotie1206d ago

There's gotta be a couple of these.

himdeel1206d ago

Its been one week. Smdh.

breakpad1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

as a veteran in Demon Souls (never finished Dark..smthing lost me in it )...i will say that Bloodborne managed to create some of the best and most refined gameplay mechanics ever in gaming comparable only with those of Monster Hunter's ...also his atmosphere and setting are unmatchable ...and the only thing that lacks in comparison to Demon is the bit easier difficulty ..but complements that with far more stressful combat in bosses

NecotheSergal1206d ago

I'm with you breakpad.

I was totally all over Demon's Souls and did New Game+ 3-5 etc.

Dark Souls? It definitely gave me an epic memory that I'll treasure only because when I played it at first, I aimlessly roamed off the path I should've, as soon as the sewers were open I travelled down the sewers, down the blight town, into the swamp, in the tree stump and down the path with enemies that'd all kill me in one hit, being super careful, exploring for what felt like hours to an amazing adventure that lead me to a gigantic bloody damn beach with a Hydra monster in the distance ---- that scaringly enough came after me, all the way to find a cute stone/earth dragon and a Covenant. I did all that in one sitting and without a guide. It was a memorable experience.

Dark Souls 2............I probably only got 20% through the game then stopped caring.

Bloodborne, I can see myself playing it as I did with Demon's Souls, although, I wish I could play more, University is in the way since exams are coming up :C

joab7771206d ago

It's a misleading title. He lives and adores the game, but basically says it's impossible to feel that magic you get when you 1st play a From game.

This is true. It happened w/ Bioshock too. But, that said, it's still a wondrous experience to get back into a new environment, and with a new setting, new lore, and new combat mechanics, it's still better than anything I have played in awhile.

KwietStorm1206d ago

Well or course not. There's no magic in Bloodborne. No miracles either. I'm so witty.

nucky641206d ago

i would have said that before bloodborne - but it's completely hooked me. I'm sure I'm near the end of my first playthrough - I can't wait to start my second trip through the game.....giant scythe, here I come!!!

StrawberryDiesel4201206d ago

Agreed. I mean c'mon, they could have stuck with the same dark fantasy setting and sword and shield gameplay and it still would have been amazing. That's the difference with someone like Miyazaki though, he wants to make something unique every time he creates a game. He changes the setting to a beautiful dark Victorian/Gothic setting that has a wonderfully creepy vibe. And then replacing the shield with a firearm was genius. It's so satisfying countering an enemies attack and seeing the blood spray everywhere while they get thrown across the map. Your character in this game looks so badass, love the saw cleaver and double barrel pistol combo. You truly feel like a monster hunter when you play this game. Which brings to mind the bosses and enemy designs, so awesome and so brutal. How in the hell could you go into this game knowing what you're getting and come back disappointed? Unless you were a souls noob and had no clue what you were getting yourself into and just saw the amazing cover art.

MysticStrummer1206d ago

"it's impossible to feel that magic you get when you 1st play a From game."

I thought that before I got into the game. All through the first area I was thinking about that very thing, but as I've gone farther I changed my mind. Bloodborne has supplanted Demon's Souls as my favorite game of all time and Dark Souls has dropped to 3rd. The magic is definitely in there, for me anyway. Thank you, From Software.

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callahan091206d ago

From the article: "Bloodborne is easier than the previous games and lacks the same sense of wonder, exploration, mystery, and progression." I disagree with that completely. It's just as difficult, and it's got just as much of an awesome world to explore and be amazed by.

Jaqen_Hghar1206d ago

seriously? a week after release? A man isn't giving you a click

SaxScrotumz1206d ago

My thoughts exactly. But like Spotie pointed out - There has to be a couple of these articles that pop up. Why even bother...

Killz4Twinkies1206d ago

Author literally said that Bloodborne is his favorite game of all time

Loss of magic is never getting to experience playing a From game for the 1st time again..

Jaqen_Hghar1206d ago

ok so why bring it up for this game specifically if you think it happens with every game?

magiciandude1206d ago (Edited 962d ago )

This is a great game for pony magic...

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