This is what happens when you try to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on a regular 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is the first New 3DS-exclusive game. You can insert the cartridge into a regular 3DS, and the system will even recognize it properly.

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iamtehpwn1152d ago

Uhh...yeah. That's sort of what happens you put a game into a system it's not compatible with.

Jag-T10001152d ago

Thank you Einstein. It can't hurt to try to see what happens. After all the cartrides are the same size. Everybody expected it to run but be extremely slow. At least now you know it's just a screen telling you it's not compatible.

xPhearR3dx1152d ago

"After all the cartrides are the same size. Everybody expected it to run but be extremely slow"

No, nobody with any sort of common sense expected that. And DVD's, CD's and Blu-Ray's are all the same size. No one expected those to magically work with devices they were told they weren't compatible with.

admiralvic1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

"After all the cartrides are the same size. Everybody expected it to run but be extremely slow."

Care to link me to anyone anywhere who made this claim?

I mean, I never wondered what would happen if I put my PS3 copy of Bioshock into my Wii, I outright knew it wouldn't run. Logically, anyone who knew the 3DS was region locked (I assume many know this) would know that the system is designed to reject things and it would logically reject a game like this. Especially since even if the game did run, it would probably be close to unplayable, making the point moot.

themonado1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

It sounds to me like YOU were expecting it to run slow...

DiscoKid1152d ago

Are you for real? Who thought it would still work but be slow?

Jag-T10001152d ago

So many smart kids these days. I'm proud of all of you.

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago

....I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts lol.

" Everybody expected it to run but be extremely slow"

LOL! son it doesn't work that way.

Define "everybody" LOL!

antikbaka1152d ago

It's not like it's absolutely new console like ps3->ps4. Maybe in reality it would work the same and nintendo just wants their client base to buy new handhelds all together

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F0XHOUND1152d ago

Gaming journalism gold right! Scoop of the day!

mixelon1152d ago

Lol, could they have worded the cartridge rejection message any worse?

"This is New nintendo 3DS software and isn't compatible with this system" is really going to help people/parents have no idea what the "New 3DS" is.

Seems a bit silly.

Bronxs151152d ago

agree, if someone didn't know better they might think their 3ds can only play "used" games....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1152d ago

let em be idiots. The obvious New

mixelon1152d ago

There's a difference between idiots and people who don't know something. Nintendo could have been a lot clearer with the error message and the naming itself.

3DS+ or Super 3ds or pretty much anything would have made more sense than new 3ds.

Ironthighs1152d ago

I would blame the marketing geniuses at Nintendo for the name. It reminds me of when Apple released "The new iPad". Well what happens when they release a newer one?

"I want the new iPad, please."
"Which new one?"

rainslacker1152d ago

I wonder how many people will buy this game without realizing that it won't work in their regular 3DS. I'm rather annoyed by the "new 3DS". I just brought the XL middle of last year, and now I can't play a game that I would really like to play on it.

Nintendo should have just released a new handheld, not a incremental upgrade. This is why incremental upgrades don't exist in console gaming, because it splits the fan base, confuses people who don't follow this stuff religiously, and pisses off people who play on the console which hasn't been out that long to begin with. At least with the 2DS, it was fully compatible, it was just a cheaper alternative.

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5yb5n6u1152d ago

so basically for their latest hardware, they release
1. wii u: a complete new console from previous wii, but peoples thought that its just another accessory or a wii redesign (just like slims edition on xbox and ps)
2. new 3ds: basically this IS the redesign of 3ds but with alot of improvement here and there, but with support of "new 3ds exclusive" i dont know why they dont announce this as their next gen handheld with full backward compatibility.

rainslacker1152d ago

Because the 3DS name is gold, and it was still selling well. They go and release something with a new name, and the gold mine that is the 3DS stops selling, the gold mine that is software sales dries up, and people get pissed that Nintendo dropped support of a console with a life of about 3 years.

When they keep the 3DS name, they get to keep all they've built, and sucker people in to get the upgraded version. They haven't even discontinued the regular or XL versions of the 3DS or the 2DS. But I wouldn't be surprised if next year, all Nintendo software is for the "new 3DS".

5yb5n6u1152d ago

well, for me that confusing, i dont know the old 3ds cant play the new 3ds software, dont even know the terms new 3ds exclusive right until i read this article.
and for the same people that confused as i am, buying the old 3ds because they were cheaper and found out that they cant play newer games must be heartbreaking.
i mean, its console and handheld territory that we get standardize hardware platform on the same generation brand, so we can play any game we like on that.
nintendo basically eliminate one of the advantage of console and handheld console gaming over pc and smartphones

rainslacker1152d ago

I preordered the game before I even knew the n3DS was pretty much a new system. Cancelled my pre-order because I don't feel like upgrading the 3DS I brought less than a year ago when it was only 2 years since release just to play this game, despite probably being the one game I would want to play if nothing else.

I'll get one eventually because I'm a collector, but I refuse to support this kind of business practice when it comes to consoles. I know it won't make much difference though, because like I said, the 3DS is like printing money. People buy them just for a new color.

I wouldn't care so much if the n3DS exclusives could still play on the old 3DS/XL/2DS but downgraded some, but that's not the case. But again, I do imagine that by next year, Nintendo 1st party games will all be n3DS only because they will want to force the upgrade.