Here’s How You Can Deflect Bullets In Bloodborne Using Your Main Weapon

GearNuke: "You might not know about this but in Bloodborne, you can actually deflect bullets fired by enemies by using your main weapon."

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sigfredod1083d ago

amazing didn`t know , i will try it

GribbleGrunger1083d ago

Me neither. I've just been taking them on the chin (well, in the chest) or dodging them.

slappy5081083d ago

That is crucial for the boss I'm stuck on, I'm going to try this!

Umbasa1083d ago

Did he mean R1, right?

rdgneoz31083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Probably (L1 transforms your weapon, R1 is your quick attack), though I'd love to see a longer clip of that in action. The gif there makes it look like the guy just shot behind him due to lag or being a blunderbuss (which are slower than pistols).

Ethereal1083d ago

Agreed. It doesnt look like it was deflected. Waiting for a real confirmation.

Blues Cowboy1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Rad. Going to try this and fail so very, very badly!

SpinalRemains1381082d ago

Wow I didn't know this either. Pretty sweet.