Gaming April Fools Jokes Suck … Because They Should Really Exist

Mark from PN2 explores a few April Fools pranks from the last few years that would have been far better off they were real. Let’s face it, when a studio comes up with an obviously dumb idea just to poke fun at another game, it comes off as more lame than fun, especially since the best jokes have long since been used. But what’s worse than a bad joke? A joke that’s actually a bloody brilliant idea, but will never actually exist.

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SmokingMonkey1024d ago

I remember falling for an article in GameInfarcer about Nintendo remaking The Wind Waker with realistic or "grown up" Link graphics.

Sometimes the mind believes what it wants to.

madcowz641024d ago

Lol remember the Zelda movie?

FullmetalRoyale1024d ago

That, and the Beach Volleyball cheats are forever classics.

LordMaim1024d ago

You're not alone. I still keep hoping that Bungie will one day actually make "Pimps at Sea".

SmokingMonkey1024d ago

They did, it's called Destiny.


I actually like Destiny a lot.

WizzroSupreme1024d ago

April Fools jokes are the bane of the news industry's very existence, it seems.