Why a Tekken 7 Character Is Being Called a Phoney

This is Josie Rizal. The recently revealed character is Tekken's first Filipino character. For some, she's not Filipino enough—or rather, Filipino at all.

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ironfist921116d ago

Is it just me or have Fighting characters seemed to have been scrutinised to hell recently.

DragonKnight1116d ago

Not recently. Always. The women are too scantily dressed or have boobs that are too big or their body shape isn't conducive to fighting. Almost nothing is ever said about the male fighters pulling a Potemkin.


Activemessiah1116d ago

"or have boobs that are too big or their body shape isn't conducive to fighting"

I guess Gina never got that memo...

Hasswell-NeverCold1116d ago

Talk about people complaining for nothing. "OMG this game isn't like real world and it's tone is slightly wrong.. I must raise racial questions all the time"

kayoss1116d ago

Why cant people understand this. Why cant they seperate videos games from reality. How many times have i've walked down the street then suddenly see a girl with "Gargantuan" boobs and in scantly, revealing outfit fighting a guy with damn wings and hair that defies grafity? NEVER!

Clogmaster1116d ago

Don't forget the eye lasers.

godofboobees1116d ago

I bet most of the people complaining don't even play fighting games.

DragonKnight1116d ago

And lo, #ChangeTheFighter was born.

tiffac0081116d ago

Please don't listen to our National Commission for Culture and the Arts they are stupid in so many levels.

Maxor1116d ago

So how do you design a character with Filipino-ness? Unless she starts every fight by chowing down on a bowl of pancit it's hard to set her apart from the rest of the characters.

DragonKnight1116d ago

They want her to have Escrima sticks and speak in a Filipino way by saying things like Aray (which supposedly means ouch) when hit.

It's the embodiment of being nitpicky.

I mean, it's not like Japanese developers went out of their way to create a character after a Filipino hero (also gender swapping said hero, #WhyCantLinkBeAGirl), and even designed her look around the Philippines National Colours. No, they totally faked a Filipino character because she doesn't use traditional weapons in her traditional Filipino Martial Art style or speak Filipino to the satisfaction of some. She's such a phoney character.

Clogmaster1116d ago

Maybe they want Pacquiao's face on a female body.

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The story is too old to be commented.