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Immorals1116d ago

The ps4 looks awesome, the controller just looks tacky!

xHeavYx1116d ago

I think the PS4 should have been Black and the Batman figure should have been silver.

LexHazard791116d ago

You're right, the Black goes with the Dark Knight theme more. But it looks ok. Im trying to get my hands on a PS4 20th Anniversary buf if I cant this gray Batman one looks nice.

ZombieKiller1116d ago

I swear this is the last console I buy first generation. I want this edition so bad but bought the PS4 FOR Arkham Knight. Freaking LOL

So awesome though my gawd!

Eddie201011116d ago

The console and the controller look great to me.

Agent_00_Revan1116d ago

Same here. I'm so sad that the MGS and Batman consoles look so sweet and all I have is the plain ol PS4.

ZombieKiller1116d ago

It's funny too, everytime I see one of these console special editions, it makes wanna take mine apart and design the housing.

Then fear of ruining the PS4 grips me by my balls and I do nothing :(

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Gamer19821116d ago

I actually like the controller I collect all the colours. Still actually need to get the white..

Immorals1116d ago

I hate shiny controllers. Always reminds me of cheap 3rd party controllers, with chipping colours.

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JMaine5181116d ago

Daaaaaaaaamn! That's so beautiful!! I need to get my hands on this! I at least want that controller.

SmielmaN1116d ago

Looks slick. My bro in law is not going to be happy, he held out for a long time waiting hoping for a bundle like this and couldn't wait any longer so he picked up a ps4 a couple months ago. Although he thought it would include the batmobile edition of the game so maybe he won't be too upset.

Ripsta7th1116d ago

I love how this gen the PS is getting more custom designs

SmielmaN1116d ago

Totally agree. I'll probably get my second ps4 this holiday if they have a design that floats my boat, or if they announce that MGSV ps4 here in Canada.

Moldiver1116d ago

Im still a bit pissed about not getting hold of the annaversary edition. I loved the smaller details on that one and the grey finish.

SmokingMonkey1116d ago

This would help the vita, especially for more personal handhelds.

jjonez181116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

There's more customization overall. There's themed consoles, faceplates, colors, lightbar skins, and controller skins.

Even if you have a standard PS4 there is plenty of room for customization.

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Jaqen_Hghar1116d ago

Sony just are not letting up. A man loves how they fill out the whole calendar now with deals and promotions rather than saving everything for the holidays. You're never bored on PS4

higgins781116d ago

I'd buy that for a dollar...oops, sorry, wrong reference.

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