Don't panic: European Club Nintendo members can still redeem stars until September

Dealspwn reports: "Club Nintendo is shutting up shop this year and the clock is ticking to redeem your stars before the service shuts down completely on September 30th. Nintendo will no longer include Club Nintendo registration cards inside boxed games as of tomorrow, April 1st, while digital eShop games will no longer provide any stars after April 20th.

The US deadline for registering Club Nintendo points ends today, which means that Nintendo gamers across the pond are furiously attempting to find and redeem their last few games before midnight.

However, to reassure our British readers (many of whom are getting into a bit of a flap!): we are following a different schedule. "

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bggriffiths1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Hmm, don't think I've registered any points for a few years. probably just the ones for Mario Kart on the old Wii. Still , I'll check it out if there's swag going.

Blues Cowboy1122d ago

Worth having a nose about, even if you just end up with a cheap download, soundtrack or somesuch.