Xbox One April Console Update Details


Tomorrow sees the start of a new month, April, with Microsoft promising constant monthly updates to the Xbox One console’s software. Microsoft has released details of the update for April and let me just say it’s not huge but players have been wanting one of the features for a while.

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Rob Hornecker1150d ago

I love the monthly updates for the xb1. It sure beats the maybe once a year updates the 360 would get. Now if they would just get the android xb1 smartglass up to snuff and out of the beta stage.

Oh and a windows xb1 smartglass app would be awesome too. Perhaps we will see that when windows 10 is released?

holysmokesbatman1150d ago

There is a xb1 smartglass app, I have it on my ipad and windows phone, it's listed in each marketplace as smartglass beta although I must say I'm in the preview program so that may be a stipulation for use?

sensor211150d ago

Voice messages isback Wonderful !!

r1sh121150d ago

smartglass for xb1 is already available.
Im not in the preview program, but still use it on my android.
Works perfect, it auto detects if you need to type something.
and i use it as a 'remote' when watching tv, films etc on plex.

fayz1150d ago ShowReplies(1)
Shazz1150d ago

pins or folders and i really dont know what else is badly needed for my own needs.

mcstorm1150d ago

Im with you on Folders on the Pins screen this is the thing I want the most.