Gaming Doesn’t Have To Be Completely Accepted By Society

Gaming culture is a self-sustaining pastime that attracts diverse fans from across the world. As such, it doesn't need a pass from society to exist.

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JoeMcCallister1060d ago

Solid article, "Art is driven by subjective experiences, interpretations led by perceptions." I really liked that line, as the games as art argument seems to me that it's held up by extremists who think everything is art or nothing is.

It seems that games are judged harshly on the bad apples or the bombastic experiences that seem to have any content that might be viewed negatively - but film and print all have their own bad apples, hell there are 5 scary movies and 7 Fast and Furious titles - and they both have their merits as well as detriments.

It's just a different medium altogether, and as the older generation starts to become less and less relevant, games will become more accepted in general, whether we want them to or not.