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Andrew Gurr has been 100% impressed and writes "Soaked in blood and literally exhausted, the faint, distant glow of a checkpoint was nothing short of the ultimate relief as I let my BPM recompose itself. In Bloodborne, 160 BPM is the norm, anything lower and you’re either tough as nails or you just aren’t playing it right. This is a familiar feeling of fear, one I haven’t experienced since Dark Souls, (Sorry Dark Souls II…). The overall discomfort, lack of a shield to cower behind, and the loss of all familiarity like I had experienced with Dark Souls II make this game a far more worthy competitor for the title of ‘sequel to Dark Souls’."

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Geobros1203d ago

100/100? Thats perfect!! :o

3-4-51202d ago

100/100 ?

No Improvements could have been made at all ?

I doubt that.

Sounds like a really good game though. Great even.

But not 100/100. or at least IMO there never should be a 100/100

skydragoonity1203d ago

Duh.. Its a perfect game.. (Almost).

S2Killinit1203d ago

Good enough to justify a perfect score

MrBigShot0071203d ago

It's a great game and one of the best I've played this year so far but I wouldn't say it's perfect.

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