This guy just completed Bloodborne in less than 37 minutes

This crazy-fast Bloodborne speedrun uses some exploits and glitches, but it’s still pretty darn impressive.

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ChronoJoe1205d ago

It's quite easy to optimise a speed run when you only have to run a very small number of bosses due to glitches. Although many haven't watched the video because they want to avoid spoilers, trust me, it isn't especially impressive in terms of technical execution.

He even picks up loads of waste-of-time items, and makes mistakes like getting grabbed by the werewolf (which he claims is undodgable, but in reality he dodged too early and into the attacks path).

Palitera1205d ago

And he cheated. What's the pointed of a full cheated speed run?

maybelovehate1205d ago

Yeah, the cheating part doesn't seem very legit. I would consider it a glitch run. I have over 80 hours in and he was a higher level than me lol.

NecotheSergal1205d ago

He used a duplication cheat to get him to beat the game, that just doesn't count really.

Especially since it was JUST patched, so what, does that make him permanently the 'All time fastest speedrunner'? Hah, no.

There's not a lot of skill in this video, just a lot of exploiting and mistakes.

TheSaint1204d ago

My thoughts entirely, if you have to glitch then it'snot a speed run it's a glitch run.

Nothing legit about that BS.

Omnisonne1205d ago

I don't get why those people don't try speed running the full game.. As said it doesnt really impress or show any form of skill abusing glitches

Just a legit full speed run from beginning to end, optional bosses and areas excluded, seems like much more of a challenge and probably more fun to watch aswell. People might even learn a few combat strategies from it

ChronoJoe1205d ago

There are some speed runs of the full game too. Ellajazz completed the game in 2hours 44minutes.

admiralvic1205d ago

"I don't get why those people don't try speed running the full game.. As said it doesnt really impress or show any form of skill abusing glitches "

It's because of the wow factor / amazing sounding title, which will bring in more views.

Man beats Bloodborne in 30~ minutes sounds much better and impressive than Man beats Bloodborne in 2~ hours legitimately.

Claudinho691205d ago

because theres certified different types of speed run records for games

PCGamingNoobs1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Worse than the order 1886....... No one complains...

(PS, i was being sarcastic)

kayoss1205d ago

Even though you're being sarcastic, but there's some truth to it. I've been playing Bloodborne since it came out, but I have yet to truly understand what the story is about. The Order in the other hand, feels like an interactive movie which in my opinion has a good story. For me, story and plot makes a game enjoyable, that is why i play RPGs, because sometimes it involves a very good story.

ravinash1205d ago

Sometimes it's the mystery that makes a good story. It's trying to find the answers that keep you going.

rdgneoz31205d ago

The Souls games have never been known for their stories. The story is there and there's usually a bunch of lore as well, but it tends to be hidden in item texts, messages, NPC dialogue that most people just skip through, etc...

Hell, for Dark Souls, one guy who did an amazing job searching out some of the back story and lore for the game was a youtuber named EpicNameBro. He actually got a job this time around helping make the collectors edition of the strategy guide. If you don't explore, you'll learn the bare minimum of the story, which is basic.

The Souls games have always been about being not really difficult, but unforgiving. Learn from you're mistakes and you'll do fine, tunnel vision and you'll be spending 10 hours trying to kill one boss. The multiplayer component adds a lot of fun and replay onto it as well.

As for The Order, it had an amazing story. Just wish it was a little longer so the end boss was who I was actually trying to kill for half the game and not a side boss that popped up in the last hour... Loose ends can be tied up in a sequel, just wish the first had a little more closer.

admiralvic1205d ago

"For me, story and plot makes a game enjoyable, that is why i play RPGs, because sometimes it involves a very good story."

And thats great for you, but you need to understand that games can be fantastic for other reasons. Like The Order might do some aspect you like better than Bloodborne, just like a lot of games might do a single aspect better than Bloodborne, but ultimately Bloodborne, like the Souls series, is all about the atmosphere/setting and gameplay.

If the developers didn't spend time on the story and the vast majority of people playing it don't really care about the story, is it really a fault that the story is worse than a game that is all about the story? Is it even fair or for that matter logical to compare a story driven game to one thats gameplay driven?

So ultimately my point is, just because you see some "truth" to it, doesn't mean said truth exists. You were ultimately just looking for the wrong thing from Bloodborne and the right thing for The Order.

kayoss1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I totally agree with you. Dont get me wrong, Im not disregarding other games that dont have a story. I love playing destiny and we all know that the story in that game is almost non existence. What I'm saying is that most games are driven by story telling, and when the story lacks it kills the mood of that game. I've never played any of the Soul's games so i cant comment, but bloodborne, eventhough i enjoy it, sometimes i forget whats the purpose of me trying to kill these boss's but I do understand that bloodborne is played for the challenge.

I always knew going into The order, this game is a story driven game (just like two souls or Heavy Rain). However, for bloodborne it was clear to me that this game is a challenging game but other than that i didnt know if it had a story... But regardless, I'm enjoying it for the challenge.

Letthewookiewin1205d ago

I'm a hunter and have to kill shit to clear the town. Good enough story for me.

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obmas1205d ago

So does that mean The Order is a longer game? lol