Rise of the Tomb Raider - New info about QTE, damages, animations and running

During a Q&A session, Noah Hughes reveals some new information about Rise of the Tomb Raider, talking about QTE, damage system, animations and sprint.

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ScorpiusX872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

I hope MS buys the IP , cause with all these things being done between MS/CD be a shame and lost opportunity for MS to not own a great franchise.

Bigpappy872d ago

It would be valuable to own,. But I don't see it happening.

Dlacy13g872d ago

Yeah I don't see it happening but certainly would be worthy of the get.

Alternatively, MS should looking hard at Tomb Raider and Uncharted (since Phil admitted he doesn't have an Uncharted as of yet) and reboot Perfect Dark Zero into a 3rd person action adventure game. I think its the perfect IP for them to do it with.

mhunterjr872d ago

I'm sure the IP isn't for sale...

Imalwaysright872d ago

It would be stupid from SE to sell one of their most profitable and well known IPs.

OpieWinston872d ago

With Phil at the helm I do hope MS doesn't miss another opportunity at acquiring a talented studio/IP. Bioware was the BIGGEST mistake they made, not acquiring Bioware at the right time.

If it was 5 years ago I wouldn't say SE was selling IPs, but they've made some questionable decisions and IDK what their plans are.

hamburgerhill872d ago

I think the whole Rare thing scared them plus Bioware wanted like 5 billion I believe.

Simco876872d ago

Going exclusive would be a bad business decision for the developers. They want their game in as many hands as possible, that turns into $$$$4

BlackTar187872d ago

Why would SE sell it's IP to the lowest console install base?

That would be the dumbest thing ever.

TheRedButterfly872d ago

Didn't realize that Microsoft owned the Wii U...

BlackTar187872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

I'm sorry but we're talking current gen systems not last gen systems.

LOL the point still stands why would they? It makes not even the slighest bit of sense to sell it to the runner up.

rainslacker872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

Money talks louder than install base. I doubt SE will outright sell the IP or CD though. Maybe CD, but not the IP. It's worth a ton of money due to it's name recognition. Even if no games were made in recent years, the IP is probably not worth buying when you can get the games and revenue from that without the risk involved in producing the game.

BlackTar187871d ago

Rainslacker more install base=Money

So selling it again makes no sense whats so ever.

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lemoncake872d ago

Game is going to be amazing, they really brought tomb raider back from the dead in a big way.

Monstar872d ago

Have her SWIM this time...tomb raider without swimming isn't tomb raider....

Games4ever872d ago

No words about if she will be able to swim this time?

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The story is too old to be commented.

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