The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One – preview | TMAG

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was in need of a few confirmations and this long test drive almost two hours allowed us to fully understand the enormous ambition of the third chapter.

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kraenk121203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Two hours?! I'm glad I understand German so I can read the Gamestar preview after 2 DAYS of play! (It's looking glorious)

poppinslops1202d ago


Unt Frau Merigold?
She is looking uber-fantastiche (like the Valkyrie of Vienna)?

Mein anticipation is RISING... Geralt's shadenfreud will be most delicious.

Achtung, baby!

starchild1202d ago

"Forget 900p, the care and details of the Polish developers allowed them to carve every environment and every human face with an unparalleled sophistication, leaving nothing to chance, as the Carthusian students of Michelangelo. What is most surprising is the lighting of the game, with a formidable day night cycle: the languid dying sun of dusk creates phenomenal play of light, while, during a clear night without clouds, the moon stands pale sky reflected in the murky waters of the stagnant swamp"

They were playing the Xbox One version and it sounds like they were very impressed with everything from the storytelling to the combat and from the character interactions to the amazing visuals.

kraenk121202d ago

Yeah, it really seems to live up to the hype or even exceed it. The most impressive thing according to Gamestar is indeed the dynamic lighting and weather system. Can't fucking wait!

fiveby91202d ago

Don't have an xbox But I just built a new pc and nvidia gave code for The Witcher 3 with the gfx card purchase. Looks like a pretty sweet game regardless of platform.