Smite chief: People are playing for longer on Xbox One than PC

Hi-Rez Studios’ COO on season two, global expansion and an impending Xbox One release.

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christocolus1148d ago

That's good to know. I hope it does very well on xbox one.

decrypt1148d ago

Too many games on the PC, Xbox gamers dont really have much selection hence sure more of them are playing this game. PC gamer just have too many options and much superior options.

solar1148d ago

You are 100% correct decrypt. which isn't a knock on the XB1.

Bigpappy1148d ago

Couch much more comfy than swivel chair and keyboard

3-4-51148d ago

A game like Smite is less common on consoles like Xbox One so it has it's own kind of appeal, where as on PC there are other similar games who have a larger following.

Smite doesn't have to compete against Heroes of the Storm, Dota2 & LoL on the Xbox One,therefore allowing it to have less competition and it can then maintain a decent player base.

* Also factor in gaming could potentially / possible be more comfortable for longer gaming sessions while playing an Xbox One vs a PC, depending on your setup and seating arrangement.

* This would be different depending on the user though.

Moldiver1148d ago

Im honestly not surprised. Xbox guys love their online MP games (me included) MMOs and good F2P games, will do well on xbox. And these devs are gonna love our spending habits....Assuming they have a good game on their hands.

NuggetsOfGod1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Well when it comes to mmo and online in general, it might be hard to keep pc gamers attention unless the game is really good.

Dota 2, swtor, gw2(yay!), black desert(yay!), soon dragons dogma online(yay!), eve, elder scrolls(ugh), lost ark(yay!), monster hunter online(looks good), tf2, l4d2, CS:GO More... there is new moba, mmo ever 30 secs lol

I won't be playing all these lol

If xbox gamers had a vast amount of choices this game might have not done so well.

Just wake me up when killing floor 2 or l4d 3 comes.

Mega241148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

The saddest part... Monster Hunter Online is exclusive to china T.T

Given that they don't have the selection of mobas and f2p PC have, Smite is going to perform well. If Guild Wars 2 ever makes it into consoles, its going to a hit on day one.

Kribwalker1148d ago

I don't know what you are talking about, if Xbox gamers had a vast amount of choices, there is plenty of variety to choose from on Xbox, much more then your trolling would imply, to name a little of the variety

Sunset overdrive
Forza horizon 2
Dance central
Fantasia music evolved
Dead rising

Every multi platform game

Seafort1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


And none of those games are MOBAs or MMOs like NuggetsOfGod was talking about.

Please don't bring your console fanboy rants where it doesn't belong. It just makes you look desperate and insecure :)

We have a lot more choice on PC than XBox for these types of games hence why NuggetsOfGod mentioned them and why Smite is doing so well on Xbox as it's the first MOBA on the system.

Gamer19821148d ago

Erm the reason its doing better on Xbox one is the PC market is saturated with MOBAs unlike the console market. With PC you have much superior games than SMITE like DOTA etc.. So of course its going to do better on xbox where there is a lack of MOBAs and not only that a lack of F2P games. When you have a system with more expensive games the F2P model is going to do very well. Nothing to do with Xbox guys loving there MP games. Not saying they don't just lets look at why its not doing so well on PC here.

There is a huge gap in the market here and SMITE has took advantage of it and good on them I say!

Jdoki1148d ago

That's interesting.

I wonder if it's because there's less MOBA's on XB1.

I used to play Smite a bit on PC, but moved to HotS and more recently started playing LoL

Fireseed1148d ago

Yeah i would liken it what you said more than anything. I have Dota 2, LoL, HoTS and SMITE but rarely ever touch Smite just because their are better options. Which is in no way meant to imply that Smite is bad, it just doesn't really hold a candle to the others.

Psychotica1148d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Probably because PC gamers have more choice.

Gamer19821148d ago

Nail on head mate theres a lot more superior MOBAs on PC not to mention F2P games aswell. Theres only a couple of F2P games on Xbox so while gamers are waiting for there next big game to come out they will give this a go. On PC theres millions if not more of free to play games for when your bored. Thats some STIFF competition.

mhunterjr1148d ago

I hope this game and genre does well on xb1 and consoles in general. I went through the tutorial and decided it wasn't for me, but it's good to see more options available.

Tundra1148d ago

No one I know actively plays SMITE. We all play LoL, a little bit of Dota 2 and recently, HotS (really fun game). This news doesn't surprise me much tbh.

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