How to Skip to Bloodborne’s Forbidden Woods Within 10 Minutes

CraveOnline: "By pulling off this glitch you can effectively fast-travel to the Forgotten Woods within 10-15 minutes, bypassing Bloodborne‘s starting area and its first few bosses. Take a look at how to exploit your way through Bloodborne‘s opening in this guide."

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Commodore1027d ago

Can N4G stop publishing these stupid articles that go against the reason we buy play them!

PurpHerbison1027d ago

It would be crazy to think that there are people out there who aren't as serious as you and like to glitch, huh?

Commodore1027d ago

We're not talking about a glitch that makes the game fun...we're talking about a glitch that lets you skip chunks of the game. Why even buy the game if you're going to skip the entire thing?