Six Ways The Long Dark Will Make You Happy It'S Spring

It's dark. In the distance, you hear a wolf howl. The wind whips around you, pulling at your clothes and chilling you to the bone. You're already drenched from trekking through the snow, and your stomach is empty -- you haven't found any real food to eat in days.

No, you're not stuck in Toronto in January. You've actually managed to get even more north. You're playing The Long Dark, and you're stuck out in the Canadian arctic tundra. If difficult, realistic survival games are your cup of tea, you'll soon find yourself devoting hour upon hour to The Long Dark, and you're sure to die a number of times throughout your playthroughs.

After all, between the enemies, the cold, and the slim amount of game to hunt, you might be displeased to see how long you can last, surviving on your own out there

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