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"After the incredibly impressive first episode of Life is Strange, we couldn’t wait to get our teeth sunk into episode 2. It had a lot to live up to since episode 1 blew us away. I’m pleased to say I haven’t been left disappointed. After finishing the second instalment in one sitting, Max and her time-rewinding antics are firmly etched on my mind and episode 3 just can’t come quick enough.

Life is Strange episode 2 picks up with Max waking up the day after the events where episode 1 left off. This felt a little weird; mostly because it’s been two months since we’ve played, so events referenced from episode 1 don’t feel as fresh as they should. The game made it feel like more time had passed; the way characters were interacting with each other and the way Max acted made it seem like her discovery of time travel was a mere anecdote from several weeks ago. New occurrences have been referenced, and it’s hard to see where these fit in over the space of a less-than-24-hour gap since we last spent time in Blackwell. It’s not a major problem, but the initial set up of the story is perhaps a little jilted by the confusing timeline.

That said, it really doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the story. Once again, I was absorbed straight away into the world of Blackwell Academy and its believable characters." - GameSpew

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