Awesome April Double Games with Gold

Check out the video for April's Games with Gold

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SonZeRo1026d ago

Interesting choice of games they giving away this month

plut0nash1026d ago

Nice selection. :) Not for Xbox One though, more for 360.

Moldiver1026d ago

Child of light is a quality game. And pool is always a relaxing distraction to play with friends when they come over. Plus its free.

The only dud in the 360 freebies is army of two. Might DL it and play it later on down the road for a quick raise in my gamerscore.

Sillicur1026d ago

Some excellent games there, especially the one for Xbox One :)

Stiffler1026d ago

Nice! I almost bought Child of Light a couple of different times. Glad I get to finally play it on X1. Those 360 games are sweet!!

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The story is too old to be commented.