Dead Or Alive 5 4K Screenshots Highlight A Pleasant Trade-Off for omitted Console features

The Xbox One and PS4 version of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round might boast extra features over the PC version but the game in 4K as these screenshots show is a welcome trade-off.

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Volkama1027d ago (Edited 1027d ago )

I just gave it a try on my lowly 1680x1050 screen with a single 290, and yes it looks a hell of a lot nicer than the PS4/One versions just by virtue of the anti-aliasing.

I will fire it up on the 4k TV later for a more direct comparison with the consoles (particularly to see if the woeful textures on the stages look any better). Because everyone loves comparisons. Apparently.

Even with the image quality perks, it's strange they omitted the soft engine. The feature list they published definitely did more harm than good.

bOObies1027d ago

I have a 4ktv but I only have a 780ti, can I play DOA is full 4k?

bunt-custardly1027d ago

The author is using an R9 290X. Based on my limited knowledge of GPUs and a quick Google search reveals you should be OK.

NovusTerminus1027d ago

Yeah, you may not lock 60fps though.

Volkama1027d ago

I've seen a user report that you can lock 4k60 on a single 3gb 7970. If that's remotely true you'll be fine.

hazelamy1027d ago

4k or online play?
i think i'd go with the online play, even if i had a 4k display and a pc that could render the game at that scale.

Articuno761027d ago

Crazy how smooth it looks like that. It's almost like CG. I've got to get me a 4K monitor one of these days... just as soon as videocards that can drive that resolution fall into consumer friendly prices (I wouldn't consider the 980/290 to be powerful enough for future games).

Articuno761027d ago

Online play is in the works. Patch coming at some point in the future. I'd suggest getting very good and very fast because I'd imagine only the hardest of the core are still going to be around for that.