Splatoon – Splat Zones in Saltspray Rig footage

Awesome gameplay footage of Nintendo's new IP; Splatoon.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

Okay, that looked like a hell of a lot of fun!
I like that the game actively kept you up to date on zone control.
Its not as good as voice chat but at least its something useful.
I'm really looking forward to this now! I do wish they'd allow for matches with more or less players, though. I'm worried that one person dropping out of a match might cancel it due to uneven teams, and that would be bad...

G3n3raL861205d ago

Do we know anything about the SP campaign? I mean length and stuff...

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

No details regarding length, iirc. Though they have shown off a few levels and detailed some enemies.