Rainbow Six Siege Operator System Detailed

MWEB GameZone writes: Rainbow Six Siege will have ten Operator classes. Five attacker's and five defenders.

Here's a breakdown of each Operator's primary functions.

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Sillicur1152d ago

Thermite sounds awesome, cause i love blowing stuff up :)

plut0nash1152d ago

Your inner Michael Bay coming out there? :)

Moldiver1152d ago

PLease bring back the cover system from R6:vegas. PLEASE! and custom camo maker, for those that reach elite rank, just like in R6:vegas.

madforaday1152d ago

The cover system ruined online multiplayer in Vegas. Terrorist Hunt was probably the only thing that was really good in Vegas.

Moldiver1152d ago

"The cover system ruined online multiplayer in Vegas."

I HAVE to respectfully disagree. R6 online was immense on x360 back in the day, before gears and halo launched. Everybody was playing it. I thought it was a good implentation. quick to get in and out of cover, and it added to the gunfights on maps like LVU and the vault..and killhouse! the other guy at the other end of the corridor popping out to try and pick your head off. I had some epic gunfights on that game. Was also the game that my posse was formed ( I hate to use the word clan.We dont do MLG and all that stuff. We are just a bunch of guys ( and three girls) that win and lose together. I have some great memories on R6. Not just the game but the people I met while playing it. One of my guys was a beast on R6 with a sniper. He is also 55 this year, and was a marine for real. I used to love hearing him wax lyrical about how authentic the gun models looked. He asked me to pick up a scope here in england to ship to him in the states. Had to remind him that I cannot buy it legally and if I got found with said rifle scope that is made and sold here in the UK, I could get 5 years in jail just for possesion of any gun attachement. So he sucked up the cost and ordered it. Now he just waxes lyrical while we play BF4. Some things never change. I love my XBL buddies! lol. We are going seven years strong and we STILL talk about the "vegas days".

Im sorry you guys didnt get that kind of enjoyment from the game. I truly am.

jmc88881152d ago

The cover system was amazing. The firefights with everyone popping out trying to pop each other was amazing. I used to love slightly switch my position so when they popped out I was in a different spot, or I was kneeling in cover instead of standing up, or vice versa.

Vegas 1 was the best. Vegas 2 was a disappointment, but still okay. Too many one and done modes.

Respawnable attack and defend. That's where it was at. Lots of great maps. The Casino was great, but many other maps were great too.

The game was much different then others. You ran slow, had to pick and choose your routes carefully, know the angles, use tactics/equipment, and get lucky. Thermal grenades were good to clear out a position, sometimes you needed someone to sacrifice themselves so you could clear out that position and let the next guy get past it.

Early 360 days with Ubisoft were great. GRAW, GRAW 2, and Vegas were simply amazing. Battlefield 2: MC was great too.

Hopefully they make another GRAW next. The last one was great, but was gimped too much on the last consoles.

I didn't have a clan or anything like the other guy, but I did have many times where I got into matches with players I played with quite a few times and we recognized each other. It was good times. People also used their mics more and with this game that helped alot.

I'll be rolling PS4 this time, but I hope this version has many similarities to R6 Vegas. Maybe some people thought of another formula, but the R6 Vegas one is a worthy one too.