Xbox One: Crawling Back From 2005

Microsoft’s Xbox One received an abysmal first impression towards those working in the game industry, and most importantly consumers– fans thereof.

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Stiffler1175d ago

A fairly balanced article with some important points. Thanks for sharing, it was a good read.

Moldiver1175d ago

Indeed. Post announcement it did not look good at all. Had the other two companies found themselves in this scenario they would have faired a lot worse. MS have the kind of money that not only allow them to ride out the storm but also turn things around. Rapidly. As evidenced through the consoles monthly updated and the companies swiftness to respond to consumer outrage. The share feature would have been amazing, even if it meant no used games. Up to ten friends!? jeez! Sony has share play but with that comes image compression and slight lag. MS solution was better.I buy most of my games digitally anyway, so I was all on board to be honest. Most of the people I know who sell their games, do so for weed/beer money sooooo......And given how much GAME and CEX pay for used games, I would be glad to see that side of the business die off. I would rather rent a game I didnt intend to keep than sell it at a loss, only for GAME to sell it for three times the price I sold it to them a mugs game.

Automatic791175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Its a slow and steady generation so far letting us gamers have a voice is a start. MS just keep providing solid Games and you will walk away this generation with a Victory gamers always remember the best games not the amount of units sold. A steady stream of games being Old and New IP's is the way to go. Also, show leadership and innovation that is what MS is known for.

harrisk9541175d ago

A "Victory"? what are you smoking? The only place that they MAY/POSSIBLY/POTENTIALLY eek out a "win" from Sony would be in the U.S. They have ZERO chance anywhere else and as a result cannot "win" this generation. It is about 22 million to 10 million in favor of PS4 worldwide. And that is before the heavy hitters get released on PS. The XB just doesn't have much of a following outside the U.S.

UnHoly_One1175d ago

You need to put that text on a plain backdrop instead of over black with blocks of blue.

That makes it very hard for these aging eyes to read.

r3f1cul1175d ago

the main problem i have with xbone still to this day despite all these updates is the fact that the UI is still just sooo slow compared to its 360 counterpart... it takes much longer to load friends, achievements, party etc compared to the 360 and it takes more steps... im not so lazy that it matters a great deal but its noticeable to the point that i would say its a step backwards compared to the 360...also the shit sized hard drive that you are forced to install games on, pretty much pigeon holds you into getting an external if you play even a moderate amount of games... that coupled with the huge amount of updates to fix broken game launches and this giant amount of memory dedicated to this slow UI makes for a very very slim hard drive storage possibility :/

r3f1cul1175d ago

which i know they will upgrade later to include a bigger hard drive further making day one adopters more shafted :/

mhunterjr1175d ago

Day one adopters are never shafted. They new going into their purchase that there would be revisions, updates, and price reductions in the future.

Being first at the line was important for them... And thusly, they got what they paid for.

DivoJones1175d ago

My friends and I joke that we spend more time partying up or re-grouping than we spend in an actual game. And some nights it's probably pretty close.

SniperControl1175d ago

Yep, one of my main pet hates with the X1 is the god awful slow UI and the useless squares full of ads for games and TV shows.
MS seriously need to redesign there UI to be more efficient and faster.

Thank god for pinning.

mhunterjr1175d ago

When are the ads getting in your way? From the home screen, you access "my games and apps" which takes you to your collection without seeing any ads. Or you go to pins which is also ad free. The friends tab is also free of adds. The only time you see TV is if you decide to go to the "what's on" tab. And the only other time you see ads, is when you decide to go to the store.

In other words, the TV and Ads are exactly where they should be... Out of sight unless you actively seek them out.

r3f1cul1175d ago

i love this website you state facts and get disagrees ... wonderful community ... i love xbox but its slow as hell and the hard drive is small as hell, how does anyone disagree with that? whatever

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cfc831175d ago

Got an xb1 recently, and i like it. Store should be better, and categorized like ps4 store. Not hearing of many new titles on the horizon though. My u.i isn't slow, maybe it's because i have kinectless version ?

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