Nintendo247 Radio: EP03 “New Last-Gen 3DS”

Nintendo 247 writes: The Nintendo247 crew is back with a new episode of N247 Radio to talk about games! In this week’s episode the crew talks New 3DS, Mario Party 10, and more Code Name S.T.E.A.M impressions. Adrian rips a new one on Nintendo’s New 3DS and Nintendo’s slow progress with online capabilities. The crew talks tons of amiibo and Michael asks the crew for hidden 3DS and Wii U gem suggestions in the Nintendo eshop. Plus much, much more.

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illmatic1178d ago

Looking forward to this episode. The first two were pretty good and I subscribed on iTunes, glad to see it here.

techologie1178d ago

ill check it out. I've been looking for a good Nintendo podcast.

higgins781178d ago

Again, if you are going to "rip a new one" on the New 3DS, get some perspective. Aren't in facts these 'cons' more foibles than horrible flaws. You could nitpick even the best hardware - and rightly so, but to focus on the positives, Nintendo appears to be getting a great deal more right than wrong - in my owning both a WiiU and New 3DS's experience. Its fair when people discuss Nintendo flaws, but without actually owning hardware or games...trolls!