Neverwinter out later today for Xbox One

MMO Neverwinter is finally making its way to consoles, launching today on the Xbox One. You can pre-purchase the game for free and download it to your console right now, however, the game will not be playable until later today at 15.01 UTC. Neverwinter is free to download and free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold members.


The game is now live!

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ThatOneRiggaNob1208d ago

Oh I will enjoy it probably 2x as much as I enjoyed the beta. Game is pretty fun and addicting.

vikingland11208d ago


Since you've played the beta can you give a brief summary of the game? How are the controls and graphics? Do I have to pay to make my character good?

ThatOneRiggaNob1208d ago

I made it to lvl 26 and didn't feel I would have to pay a dime to get there in the full retail. The controls are solid and the graphics are ok I guess. Also really fun playing with friends and sharing quests and stuff too.

vikingland11208d ago

Thank you for your response. I've told some of my friends (my son and nephew)about this game so we can give it a try together. I enjoy gaming with family so this game should do the trick.

Automatic791208d ago

I will definitely enjoy this game Xbox One had some fantastic games in March ScreamRide, Ori and the blind forest, Forza Presents Fast and Furious and Now Neverwinter Dungeons and Dragon.

traumadisaster1208d ago

True, but the way you come across...kind of like an ad and you are a politician lobbying for X1. Or maybe a salesman, either way I'm glad your happy.

thrust1208d ago

@traumadisater you come accross jelly why?

krypt19831208d ago

been playing the beta for the last 2 months not bad at all transitioned well ...

UltraAtomic1208d ago

yea already pre downloaded :)

UltraAtomic1208d ago

yea!! already pre downloaded :)

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The story is too old to be commented.