The Witcher 3 dev says that the console edition wasn't downgraded

CD Projekt RED's Damien Monnier says: "You can't say the game is downgraded on consoles, as we didn't knew the specs when we started developing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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DarkOcelet1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I am currently playing Witcher 1 on PC right now. And i have to say they have came a long way. I have to say its still one of the best looking games along with Witcher 2. So no doubt this one will be excellent looking.

Mariusmssj1210d ago

I loved witcher 1, the atmosphere is amazing so is the story!!!

starchild1209d ago

Yeah, I agree. Most of the previews I've read have gone out of their way to say how great it looks too.

As for the talk of downgrades, CD Projekt Red have been clear that there has been no downgrade and that the trailers are representative of the PC version on max settings.

Until we've seen the PC version at ultra settings and can compare the same cutscenes and same places in the game the downgrade claims are not warranted. So far all the attempted comparisons have been faulty and have jumped to unsupported conclusions. This is similar to what we saw happen with Infamous Second Son. Many people were convinced the game had been downgraded, but these were erroneous conclusions based largely on lighting changes due to different times of day.

DarkOcelet1209d ago

We have yet to see the weather changes in the game and how awesome it will look. Look at Driveclub for example, the weather makes the game look unbelievably better than it already is.

I cant wait to get my hands on Witcher 3. The wait seems too long.

Spinal1209d ago

PC it is! I was gonna get it on my ps4 but after seeing the x1 gameplay I'm definitely sticking to my PC.

cemelc1209d ago

Well im in the minority but i loved the first witcher more than the second game.

That final moment is amazing (wont spoil it)

DarkOcelet1209d ago

Played both btw. Just replaying them :)

Genova841209d ago

The gameplay looks to have come along the most. The combat in the first one, as you know, isn't very fluid, tw2 fixed a good amount of that but it didn't rise to the level of say a souls game, elder scrolls or shadow of mordor. The comabt demos in tw3 look so much more fluid.

I think the faster combat pace, mixed with sweet graphics, at 1080p 60fps on pc is going to look and feel amazing! I'm hoping, hope being the operative word here, that I can get a stable 60 on pc with max settings. Ubsersampling in tw2 killed my frame rate, and tw1 still drops to the high 20's in act 3 ... so, we'll see in May!

DarkOcelet1209d ago

Witcher 2 combat is above elder scrolls but was below Dark souls. And cranking the difficulty to dark mode made one hell of a challenge.

Genova841209d ago

I only played it in "hard" and figure I won't have time to try "dark" between now and tw3 launch ... I've heard good things though.

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MegaRay1210d ago

Did they investigate the matter?

kraenk121209d ago

This is so hilarious...The game was always shown on high end PC hardware and when they show one trailer with console graphics everyone screens downgrade?! What do people expect?!

GenuineGamer1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

It will be amazing no matter the platform.

Kal-V31209d ago

And it's a damn shame they have to keep constantly stating this. The people that bitch cant even tell if it been downgraded of not really. They are just mad at the fact that it might have been done so they can complain and feel "cheated" or ripped off like they have some sort of higher standard than everyone else. They probably weren't going to buy it to begin with.

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