Bioware Dev: Dragon Age Franchise Has No End Planned; Exploring Frostbite Mods For The Future

Bioware developers speak on the future of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchise as well as the possibility of mod support in the future.

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ArchangelMike1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

I'm glad they acknowledged that franchises do get fatigued... buuut, as we all know it's not up to the devs to make that call - it's the publishers (and investors money) that decide at the end of the day. The moment a dev says, hey we want to make a different game than 'SameGame_Sequel_No.13' ;... they often have to first find another employer!!! heck most publishers simply don't give the devs that option. Just look at the whole Konami - Kojima fiasco.

To date, I'm surprised that Sony haven't guaranteed a sequel to The Last of Us. Imagine if that IP was owned by EA, Activision or Ubisoft <spits>. By now we would be playing The Last of Us 3 - a buggy, twitch-reflex cover shooter, with no coherent story, and no soul! At the very least Sony are allowing the franchise to breath (I'm convinced there will be a sequel to TLOU... eventually... I hope... pleeease?! ;)

NuggetsOfGod1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

Mod support making a comback! Many many yays to the lord gaben up high.

Witcher 3 mods will be great! Better graphics lol

Tex1171028d ago

Bioware is right about that, but being owned by EA, they can only fight them off for so long. They have been fighting them off pretty well though!

So long as EA allows Bioware to fully cook the game (ie Dragon Age Inquisition), then Bioware will continue to make great games that we know they are capable of.

Eamon1028d ago

I knew it. After I finished DA:I it felt as if they saved juicy plot for later games. Which makes it a bit tiring to have to keep playing the next game to learn only a little more of the metastory.