Where's Hideo Kojima and what could his disappearance mean for us all?

As you may have heard, Hideo Kojima has recently upped and gone missing. Where has he gone and why would he leave his fans behind?

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LordMaim1180d ago

God, how did I know that the recent Kojima-based rumor mill would be thrown into high gear on April Fools Day.

1180d ago
CorndogBurglar1180d ago

Kojima Studios?

Has a very nice ring to it! Lets keep our fingers crossed that he does open his own studio.

Could you imagine the new IP's this guy could bring out? Without having to follow anyone else's orders or business models but his own?

rawrock1180d ago

It means Silent Hills probably will never see the light of day, shame cause PT was a great demo. Wouldve been interesting to see what Kojima wouldve done with it. I dont think Konami will be a major game developer much longer. They may be focusing their attention on all their other products they have overseas...

mamotte1180d ago

Dissappearance? Now I get it: Kojima is working on a "Find Wally" game; his experience in stealth gaming will make this a wonderful experience.