PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Sequel Could Happen if Fans Are Vocal Enough

Fans of the PS Vita exclusive action RPG Freedom Wars had better clear their throats if they hope for another installment, at least according to one of the producers.

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chrish1990870d ago

Get on twitter and pester them with the rest of us!

xymox333870d ago

This is great news, the Ps Vita community just needs too show the demand is there. Perhaps if the Ps Vita community can get some attention on the Ps Vita, by showing huge demand for a sequel to a Ps Vita exclusive.

Not only will this entice Studio Japan, but it could also gain the attention of Sony and multiple third-party developers who have written the Ps Vita and it's community off. If Sony and big name developers see that the Ps Vita community is still strong, that we will buy the games if they provide them. That the Ps Vita community will support them, if they support the Ps Vita.

Then maybe, the Ps Vita community can save the Ps Vita, I suggest someone get a petition going for Freedom Wars 2, let's show Studio Japan we want another Freedom Wars. And let's show Sony and third-party developers, that the Ps Vita community is not to be overlooked.

This is the perfect chance to show the gaming world in general. The Ps Vita and it's community are still here and very much alive.

KryptoniteTail870d ago

The bad thing about filling the Monster Hunter niche is it inhibits vocality of fans. Enough cries for it should make it hit Vita but these make fans of the genre complacent.

TheGamez100870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

Loved the first game!!! They really need to make a sequel


((((((((as it sorta ended with a cliffhanger, played this game nonstop. Very fun gameplay.))))))

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The story is too old to be commented.