Axiom Verge Dev Teasing Xbox One Release; Jokes About Release Date

The side-scrolling action-adventure Axiom Verge will be releasing today on both the PS4 and Vita (alongside a Windows version). The game has been harvesting some pretty good reviews so far and is an impressive tribute to classic games as Contra and Metroid.

On Twitter the developer of the indie has teased an Xbox One release and jokes about a release date.

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BartMoons1179d ago

Should really check this one out if you enjoy classic 2d side-scrollers

dark-kyon1179d ago

The psvita version is launching latter.

Loktai1179d ago

This game should be released on everything. Very cool.

mhunterjr1179d ago

I hope so. After Rayman, and Ori, I'm in love with side-strollers all over again... The more the merrier...

nidhogg1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Satisfied with Helldivers. Now this will be my next buy for my Vita.

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