Nintendo requests removal of fan-made Super Mario 64 HD remake

Nintendo has caught wind of the Super Mario 64 HD remake that GoNintendo featured a few days back.

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LoveSpuds1210d ago

I am suprised it took them this long to be honest, it even featured on Unprofessional Friday on GiantBomb last week.

I cannot say that I blame ninty, not protecting your Intellectual Property rights can muddy the waters when you do need to take formal action against infringement.

freshslicepizza1210d ago

of course they want to protect their intellectual property but it seems like nintendo are the ones who are the most pro-active in this area and want to control how videos are uploaded on things like youtube too.

region locking your games, not listening to fan feedback on games to develop and remaster, and not adopting powerful hardware will mean more fans taking actions into their own hands.

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Wonder_Punk1209d ago

You are absolutely right. All the people disagreeing with you are just the usual Nintendo haters anyways. Clearly they have no concept of copyrights and such and would like to believe that it's just a Nintendo thing when any other developer would do this same thing if they had any brains....or a legal team.

mydyingparadiselost1210d ago

Announcing your unlicensed game before it's released is the STUPIDEST thing any developer can do. EVER. Make it, release it, tell everyone to look at it. Unless you and your team take themselves off the grid and communicate their intentions and progress through a third party with no knowledge of their whereabouts by carrier pigeon with notes glued together from magazine clippings then SHUT UP and make the damn game.

Never forget Chrono Resurrection...

knifefight1210d ago

My thoughts exactly.

I never understand why they'd do that.

The 10th Rider1210d ago

Well, this guy wasn't making a game...His sole intention was to put together that one level. To him it was finished. The only thing he was going to do was fix any easy-to-fix bugs that anyone reported, if he had time.

Since it's running on Unity, though, Nintendo should really talk to the guy and see about working with him on remaking the whole game for the Wii U eShop.

BladerunnerZX1210d ago

I used to like Nintendo but the CEOs and suits at Nintendo still think its 1990 and Nintendo controls the video game world.

Nintendo needs some new blood because it doesn't even look like the failure of the WiiU has phased the old guard one bit.

I hope that the nostalgic bubble that Nintendo lives in will burst before its too late.

higgins781210d ago

Do you actually own a WiiU or New 3DS? Hardly pitiful hardware with a poor selection of games, in fact quite the opposite. I own both. Both possess great games - which are plentiful, and strong hardware enough to take advantage of each. I would wager you don't own either yet troll each...weird really.

KryptoniteTail1210d ago

That's untrue. Wii U is still a glorified PS3, graphically, and a PS2 online infrastructure-wise. 3DS still has insane friend code crap and it's graphically similar to PSP.

Wii U has a sad lineup of games but 3DS is okay.

You are clearly a fanboy defending and lying for Nintendo.

deathtok1210d ago


The Wii U has better hardware than the PS3 just not as good as PS4 or Xbox One.

I suspect you never owned a PS2 either, it really had zero online infrastructure sans a small list of games (SOCOM, Resident Evil Outbreak). The Wii U has apps, a shop and most games have online components.

Xman2K1210d ago

Why is anyone defending the wii u? Even Nintendo has moved on. Worse console in a while for anyone over 10 years old

ThunderPulse1210d ago

I gave my 3DS to my lil sis and the WiiU is covered in thick dust because it was an unenjoyable piece of $h!t that only had one appealing game, Monster Hunter.

Griever1210d ago

The Nintendo hardware is definitely pitiful, weak and underpowered. The 3DS graphics are barely equal to PSP. Have been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and the game uses 2d sprites for characters in this day and age! The 3D backgrounds are worse than PSP games. FF Type-0 on PSP looks miles better. Similarly Wii U games look horrible with poor to no antialiasing, poor lighting, low resolution textures and poor character models and environments. Examples? All multiplats, Devil's Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Bayonetta 2. Mario Kart and Smash Bros. hide the poor hardware capabilities by using colorful and cartoony styles.

As for the games, they may seem great to you but they are uninteresting, boring and kiddy to the majority. If they are so good and fun why doesnt anybody buys the Wii U? Even the 3DS is on a decline year on year and doing much worse than DS. The thing is that most of the Nintendo fans are people who grew up with Nintendo games but never grew out of them. The nostalgia of childhood makes you people think that their games are so great. I bought a 3DS XL and 6 of the "best" games (Bravely Default, SM3DL, RE: Revelations, TLoZ: LBW, FE: Awakening and Pokemon X) for it out of the hype and found nothing great about them. They look ugly but play decent and that is it.


We are comparing the Wii U to PS2 now in order to boast its capabilities? Seriously? There were barely any online features on any of the consoles during the PS2 era. Online gaming on consoles was in its infancy. Wii U is supposedly an 8th gen console so it should be compared to PS4/Xbox One or atleast PS360 in its online capabilities and it pales in comparison to them. Wii U has barely better hardware than PS3 with only some more RAM and little more powerful GPU. That is it. It does not even has an HDD!

deathtok1207d ago


Read the person I was responding to, please. I'm not drawing PS2 comparisons...

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Moonman1209d ago

Have you payed attention to 3DS sales lately? Are you saying this to spite Wii U or Nintendo as a whole? In comparison to Sony or Microsoft who's game divisions make less profit than Nintendo's. They do supply third parties higher revenue streams than Nintendo. But who owns the industry? All 3, but Nintendo in many ways must be second if not first in markets like Japan where the top 40 best selling games last year was totally dominated by Nintendo platforms.

DJ1210d ago

Doesn't Nintendo need good press? This doesn't make much sense to do.

Kevlar0091210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

They're continuing a precedent of stopping re-creations so other people don't re-create Nintendo games and release them. They don't want people to take a recently released game and make texture changes and release them as a free alternative.

This may be for a 15+ year old game, but they want it to be known they don't want re-creations of any kind.

lunatic00011210d ago

And thats what I don't get why fans keep doing this if everyone knows Nintendo will step in...why do they set themselves up for disappointment?

higgins781210d ago

Actually, no. Good press is where you find it. Both PS4 and XB1 are doing nothing above and beyond. The WiiU is good hardware with a strong library of games. You can lean on sales and third party support all you like, but that doesn't take away from Nintendo and WiiU's strengths - which are plenty.

In regards to Mario HD. Standing on the shoulders of giants. To create a revolutionary and classic such as Mario 64, all the long hours and dedication that must have went in to such a masterpiece, then to see somebody lazily patch it and put it online (albeit 1 level) for free...what do you expect, praise?

ThunderPulse1210d ago

"Strong Library" Thats only if your within the age group of 0-4 years of age.

FullmetalRoyale1210d ago

I take issue with your claims that this guy didn't put his heart into creating this level. Why else would he do it? I don't necessarily blame Nintendo, but why insult the man that obviously WORKED HARD on this.

lunatic00011210d ago

Listen...why do fans keep doing stuff like this only to get disappointed by Nintendo asking them to take it down...I'm all for fans doing stuff projects like this but its known that Nintendo protects their properties religiously... So why do fans keep doing projects like this knowing full well how the turnout is going to be???

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