What Halo 5's Release Date and New Trailers Mean

IGN: "The weekend gave us not one but two Halo 5: Guardians trailers, and you needed to see both of them in order for your mind to be fully and properly blown. We dissect what each trailer's version of the truth means, and we talk at length about Halo 5's surprising October release date – including what it means for the rest of Microsoft's holiday Xbox One lineup.
Note: Halo 5 discussion starts at 7:28"

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StrayaKNT1028d ago

What they mean is that 343 is very confident with halo 5 and this year Microsoft have a jam packed exclusive line up with
Halo 5
Forza 6
Tomb raider
Quantum break.

Next year looks even more brutal with
Gears of war 3
Phantom dust
Forza horizon 3
And all the unannounced new ips we will get at this year's e3

Microsoft have invested in the perfect ip's for this generation and I trust them to do deliver just like how they have delivered nothing but quality in 2014 and 2015 with ori and the blind forest.

Stiffler1028d ago

Looking to be quite a healthy time for gamers. Absolutely cannot wait for Halo 5 judging by that beta.

AngelicIceDiamond1028d ago

You mean't Gears 4 but yeah X1 has a stellar line up.

Septic1028d ago

Yup well said.

It does have a really good lineup when you put it like that. Lets hope now that those games deliver.

rawrock1028d ago

And State of Decay! Cant wait for the X1 release next month!

supraking9511028d ago

Xbox exclusives are losing its appeal since MS pretty much milked them in the 360 era. Really Halo, Fable, Gears and Forza are tired series. So many sequels and none of them are as good as the first or second game in the series.

Sitdown1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

Is sales data indicating this? It appears that several people think the appeal still being one of them.

Moldiver1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

"So many sequels and none of them are as good as the first or second game in the series."

LMAO!! Forza has gotten consistently better. FM5 was the only blip because that was a rushed to launch game. And even then its still the best console racer. FH2 is the best console racer out right now period. Also miles better than the first horizon.

Halo 4 had the best story since H2. And halo 5s MP is the right evolution of a game that is a close to MP perfection as possible.

The new fable is a diffent game to the old fable games ( its also NOT a sequel to the main fable games.)

And gears is too early to call but they have the right people on the job.

So how are those series tired again, when they are consistantly better than their sequels? UC4 and GT7 will build on games that have their mechanics in last gen, yet GT has not evolved since 2004. are those series tired too, or does that just apply to MS in your biased mind?

And I agree with sitdown. Those games you mentioned still appeal to Xbox fans the same way PS fans would like another god of war, GT, UC, infamous or KZ (A game that is consistantly mediocre, like DC and the order, yet you probably think they brought something new based on their graphics)

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lifeisgamesok1028d ago

Halo 5 is buzzing all over the Internet

We know the multiplayer is awesome and addicting

The story seems interesting so far

And the graphics will be great

343 will deliver greatness on 10/27/15

christocolus1028d ago

I cant wait to see the game at E3. i'm so hyped.

MetroidFREAK211028d ago

I was never big on Halo, but The Master Chief Collection helped change that. Finally got to play through Halo 2-4 campaign in full... And am eagerly awaiting 5... Was never big on the multiplayer however...

rawrock1028d ago

Ah Halo has great campaigns and story, cant wait for October. But I dont really enjoy its multiplayer either. I prefer larger scale online shooters like TitanFall or BF4.

spicelicka1028d ago

I personally think halo's Big team battle mode is the best large scale warfare. Specially since you can make your own maps and game modes. The i guess the thing about halo is you have to be really good and understand everything to have the best time, or the other skilled players will make your life hell.

Jumping in front of an oncoming warthog and sticking it with a grenade, then watching it blow up as it passes by you is one of the greatest feelings in gaming

holysmokesbatman1028d ago

My favorite Halo multi was CE on PC but I do like all the series multi in general. My favorite aspect of Halo is the story though and I'm super hyped to play Halo 5.
And Gears 4... can't wait to see what BT do with it!

Moldiver1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

I have to say my fave MP was in halo 5s beta. Spartans have never felt so athletic! I always been good at halos MP ( I am surgical with a sniper or a DMR at any range). The new aiming system had me playing much faster too. and that jet dodge save my ass more than a few times. Cant wait to play it some more. I still play MCC ( and probably will play that game for the entirety of this console cycle, the MP is that good)but Halo 5s MP felt like a true evolution of spartan movement in MP. Its going to be a fiercely competitive game. Brutal and instinctive as always. But with a few new twists :)

EDIT:objdadon + 3h ago
2Hire bungie to make it and I'm in"

Hell no, are you crazy? Destiny's MP modes aint got nothing on halo. Im glad they bounced after trying it myself! lol

GreetingsfromCanada1028d ago

It means it's releasing that day

objdadon1028d ago

Hire bungie to make it and I'm in

krypt19831028d ago

might aswell say bungie is making as 60 percent of the original bungie team stayed behind and formed 343 then joe staten came back before destiny released, that my friend is why destiny feels like halo without a soul ..

DonkeyWalrus1028d ago

60 percent? Yeah that's not true at all. Only a handful of Bungie employees left to form 343. Frank O'Connor, Vic DeLeon, and Chad Armstrong. Most of the important people involved with Halo stayed with Bungie... Jason Jones, Pete Parsons, Joe Staten (back to Microsoft now), Marty O'Donnell (fired unfortunately), and most of the developers. Very few 343 employees were ever Bungie employees.

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