10 Famous Characters Recreated in Bloodborne Effortlessly

This listicle features ten astounding examples of video game, anime, and pop culture icons created in Bloodborne with the character creation system.

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Old_Boss_1028d ago

The Gandalf one is pretty damn accurate, none the less all those characters are pretty good.

XBLSkull1028d ago

Lol at "effortlessly" though, I'm sure quite a bit of time went into these...

ravinash1028d ago

Yeah, I remember playing round with each setting for ages just trying to figure out what was changing with each stroller.
It's impressive the results some people can get.

breakpad1028d ago

Vampire Hunter D recration is anything but D

Blank1028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

I really like the Alucard one I might even make a character with a face like that because by the way Konami has been acting this will have to cover that hole to play as Alucard on current gen hardware : ( bright side is im pretending while playing Bloodborne : )

Snookies121028d ago

I was interested until I saw that there were multiple pages for something that could have fit on two at the most.

Inzo1028d ago

9 Looks nothing like the Undertaker.

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