Bloodborne's New Trailer Boasts a Lot of Really High Review Scores

With a metacritic score sitting on 92, Bloodborne is definitely one of the highest rated AAA games of the generation, and Sony decided to boast a little with a new accolades trailer.

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PowerPlayaaa1204d ago

Sitting on 93 ones again ;-)


Its like a drug, cant stop playing it. Im in Love <3
Haha :-D

joab7771204d ago

Me either. It's like gambling. The more you lose, the more you wanna play...Cuz this time you are gonna win! It's unbelievable how a game can be so damn good.

XBLSkull1204d ago

I like the game but Borderlands is once again hooking me more, putting a skill point into something is much more satisfying than tiny stat upgrades... it would be a damn shame if I don't get back to playing this game...

MysticStrummer1204d ago

@XBLSkull - Yah Borderlands is much easier and straightforward so it's probably more your speed. I say that based on your recent comment where you blamed Bloodborne for your own lack of common sense.

Snookies121204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@MysticStrummer - Pay no mind to XBLSkull, I read a couple of his comments from the past and it seems he has an issue with everything but Microsoft. So, of course this isn't going to be his game, it's not on his preferred system.

holdmyown831204d ago

Agreed!! I have never
Played it before and I'm hooked. I'll mesms with bloodborne again when the load times get fixed cause I sucked and got tired of the that loading screen.

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waljaber1204d ago

one of the best bosses i've ever played against O_O
it will keep u playing like with joy.

The 10th Rider1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I totally think Bloodborne is an amazing game, nothing against that. But I highly doubt it's a serious game of the year contender.

Just look at Dark Souls 2, it had a 92 on Metacritic, but lost to other, lower scoring games last year because it's much more niche. With games like Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Batman Arkham Knight, the Witcher, and other high profile titles coming out this year, I imagine Bloodborne will get overlooked just because of it's 'niche-ness.' I also find that game of the year awards often seem to lean towards more recent releases, with titles that released earlier in the year often being overlooked because the for them excitement has died down.

I don't think that's really a fair way of doing game of the year, but it is what it is.

Eonjay1204d ago

Very kind words for this title. You know Shu is so proud of From and Studio Japan.

ArchangelMike1204d ago

Yep sony should definately look to acquiring them. I'd love to see whay they can come up with for Project Morpheus o.0

dcj05241204d ago

Maybe continue their first person games or another metal wolf chaos

Grave1204d ago

Bloodborne is an amazing game.

Bathyj1204d ago

It aint bragging mofo if you back it up - Kid Rock

BattleAxe1204d ago

I played it about an hour over at a friends place lastnight, and graphically speaking, it looks like it could have been a PS3 game. I've never played any of the Souls games, but this game doesn't seem to have any objectives or any real direction of any kind.....or any real story of any kind. The high scores are impressive, but to each their own I guess.

NeverHeavyMan1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

"I've never played any of the Souls games".

That right there is one of the reasons you don't really understand it. The game does a decent job of lending a hand to newcomers, though, so if you decide to stick with it, you should be fine.

In regards to the high scores, the game is very, very well done. Beyond that, the Souls games on the PS3 didn't look as good as Bloodborne.

LoneWolf0191204d ago

Must need glasses cause I watched a Dark Souls 2 stream and it looks like crap compared to this.

GetSomeLoGiK1204d ago

"there is no direction".....that's the point, the game doesn't force you to go down linear path A which splits into linear path B or C that end up going to path D no matter what. You play the game the way you want. Also their is a story, you just need to take the time and read the deacriptions of the weapons, items, or armors and also the NPCs dialouge. Even after all that, their still is more to discover in NG+. If you really want to know the lore, they have a site dedicated for that for all the souls games.

The game doesn't spoon feed you, it lets you figure out shit by yourself which is what makes it so satisfying when you beat it. You alone did all the work.

Xavior_Reigns1204d ago

I'd say it's a perfect example of how "open-linear" trumps both open-world and linear design.

Xavior_Reigns1204d ago

PS3 would die if it tried to run Bloodborne. It'll be worse than Dark Souls during Blighttown all throughout the game. The story is also there, just wait till the peeps who make all them lore vids on youtube finish up and start on that. All of a sudden, peeps who said there was no story will be surprised at how much there is.

Snookies121204d ago

First off, there is no way in hell the PS3 could run this game. Second, you're not supposed to know where to go. That's the fun of the game. Exploring the world, and mapping things out in your head as you go. It's all interconnected, and it's such a rewarding feeling when you think you're lost as hell and all of a sudden find a gate or elevator that lands you right back in familiar territory.

I played about an hour and a half at my friend's house before I bought it. I never really played much of the Souls games either, and after playing it I thought it was fun enough but not something I had to play. Now that I own it, I simply cannot stop playing. It's absolutely incredible, one of my favorite games since the PS2 days already.

Why o why1204d ago

It's all interconnected, and it's such a rewarding feeling when you think you're lost as hell and all of a sudden find a gate or elevator that lands you right back in familiar territory.

That feeling........that on mate

ginsunuva1204d ago

On youtube it looks like a ps3 game.

In person it looks unbelievable, which makes me know you didnt actually play it.

joab7771204d ago

You are lying b/c no one who has really played this would say it looks like a PS3 game. It's gorgeous. And yeah, it doesn't hold your hand and dish out hrs of cutscenes, but there's a story to be told for where you find out just what you are made of.

Master-H1204d ago

There is a direction and a deep, cryptic story; you just have to be smart and have high enough comprehension to take it in and understand it.

The gameplay as well requires skill and thinking, which is why the game isn't for everyone.

"it looks like it could have been a PS3 game"
Oh really? if the game has some of the best graphics ever, like The Order, it gets criticized for sacrificing gameplay to achieve it(even though the gameplay is actually solid), and you hear all that gameplay>graphics talk.
But since Bloodborne excels in the gameplay department, graphics became important again and the game gets downplayed (even though it has amazing graphics/particle effects/physics that are obviously not obtainable on last gen systems, with a magnificent art design). smh.

MysticStrummer1204d ago

It looks like a PS3 game? You sir, have major vision problems. It also sounds like you prefer your gaming to be very basic and spoonfed to you, sort of like baby food. To each their own indeed, and thank Zod for that.

waljaber1204d ago

go troll somewhere else, this game need no fanboys.
im glade its exclusive, its been a long time sense i had this much fun fear and joy from playing great game.

Letthewookiewin1204d ago

What are you talking about? Bloodborne is one of the most graphically detailed games I've ever seen. From the incredible detail in the buildings to the street it's insane.

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