Bloodborne, Beaten In Just 44 Minutes

Kotaku:"When I finished Bloodborne on Sunday afternoon, my playtime was 46 hours, 21 minutes, and 13 seconds. The current world record is, well, way faster. How much faster? It's 44 minutes!"

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MasterCornholio1028d ago

I didn't watch the video to avoid spoilers. But I've read that the person used glitches to accomplish this.

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Gamesgbkiller1028d ago

Yeah, and because of that he skiped one big area in the beginning.

Palitera1027d ago

Yup. Full cheated run.

Not impressed at all.

UKmilitia1027d ago

why would u want to ,its an awesome game.

trenso11027d ago

Oh he beat the game in 44 minutes i guess its too short and not worth my time to buy this game. No value at all why pay $60 for only 44 minutes of gameplay.

for those with no common sense

christian hour1027d ago

Didn't someone beat dark/demon souls in 12 minutes or something like that using similar tactics? I remember seeing a headline around here abotu that a few years ago.

I remember I used to do halo:ce level speed runs using glitches on attack on the control room trying to beat others and submit them to (greatest community site for a game ever btw, is it still going? havent been there in about 8-9 years). Fun days :D

I'm too old and slow for speed runs these days I reckon. Oddly enough I just checked my bloodborne time through the load game menu, I've put in 44 hours.

44 hours vs his 44 mnutes... dang!

thorstein1027d ago

I do remember that and once you get to the comments it was declared fake. That guy had switched armor and other things in the middle of the game and he never showed what he was using so his equipment could have been leveled up massively.

LordMaim1027d ago

Newsflash: Cheating makes games easier.

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Septic1028d ago

It took me longer on the menus. :/

Some people are crazy!

bouzebbal1028d ago

no way he can do that without glitches..
reminds me of zelda 64 finished in 5 min due to a glitch that takes you to ganondorf right away lol

Allsystemgamer1028d ago

World record is about 17 minutes. Not 5

christian hour1027d ago

Pretty sure I spent longer than that making my character adn getting him just as I imagined he'd look in my head (wasn't tryign to create myself btw, just the kind of character I envisioned being in this universe)

Perjoss1028d ago

I'm not ashamed to admit it took me 10 hours before beating the first boss, but I had a ton of fun getting to that point.

Manubiggs1028d ago

No shame. I'm at least 15 hours into the game and I just beat the 2nd boss

uptownsoul1028d ago

@Perjoss & @Manubiggs

That is the EXACT reason why this game is as good as it is. Even when your not "PROGRESSING (in the traditional sense of the word)" this game is still a BLAST!

ravinash1028d ago

After I killed the first boss, I went back to cover previous areas first before moving forward.
Just wanted to make sure I knew where everything was before starting the next section.

Omnisonne1027d ago

Yh, probably took me even longer

Then again with good games like these I like to take my time and explore. There are quite alot of small things you can miss in the first parts

ravens521027d ago

Ye I'm on 9 hrs stuck at the second boss lol. Ima beat him eventually lol. I always look around very thoroughly For things so I'm pretty sure itll take me 50+ hours to beat. It's all about the timing lol this game is raw and hard like a porno...sorry.
Anyway I'll be playing this for a while I keep switching from BB to BFH. Throw DA:I
in cause I still have yet to beat that smh. Games taking over my life!!!! But I'm OK with that :)

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LOGICWINS1028d ago

Thats a GOOD thing. Ur getting a ton of bang for ur buck!

whyisthehorsestaring1027d ago

I still haven't beat the first boss, almost did the first time I faced him but never been close since ha.

ndrliang11028d ago

So much shorter than The Order...

...I kid. I kid. Enjoyed both actually

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