The Witcher 3 Gets More Info on Inventory, Difficulty, Map, Weapons, Sidequests, Cities and More

The Witcher 3 Community Coordinator Marcin Momot answers a few questions about the game.

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ArchangelMike1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I am one of those crazy hardcore Witcher fans that just can't wait any longer for this game. I've played through both Witcher 1 & 2 games multiple times, and I've read the first two books (currently reading the third one).

I do wish these 'game journalists' would ask real questions. For example, ask the guy what are the chances of a Witcher 1&2 Remaster? What about continuing the story of Ciri in a sequel. What about the possibility of DLC where we get to play as Dandelion, or Triss, Or Yeneffer? etc etc . Interesting questions not the usual fluff that just pointless.

GenuineGamer1147d ago

Not long to go now :) I think someone has asked about a Witcher remaster. He said no plans yet but he would like it to happen so maybe there is hope!

oasdada1147d ago

Personally i prefer remasters b4 their sequel.. gud thing i hav played the previous games

GenuineGamer1147d ago


I agree. I hear TW3 will bring players up to speed on what's happened but nothing compares to playing them yourself.

oasdada1147d ago

Agreed.. its like they just go according to the books and ask almost same standard questions from different devs

Erik73571147d ago

All your questions encourage DLC and cash-ins....please don't be a journalist and put these ideas in the publisher's head.

ArchangelMike1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

erm... so what?!? If you hadn't noticed CDPR have demonstrated that they are not doing a cheap "cash-in" with this game.

YOU might not want a sequel...but I do. YOU might not want to continue playing as a secondary character after the main campaign is over, but I do. YOU might not want a sequel to this game but I do? And I'm willing to pay for it.

And yes, if CDPR release, a sequel or PAID DLC in the same standard of quality as the main game, then why shouldn't they charge for it? I will gladly buy it. I get that nobody wants to have to pay for 'Horse Armour' but CDPR has already shown that all that kind of DLC comes free, so no need to worry.

audiophile1011147d ago

Seriously out of all the questions that could have been asked about this game, those were the ones they chose to ask!!! There are so many better questions out there that would have been fantastic to answer.

But of course it came from YouTube, as we can tell by the video, home of the incompetent and stupid ones of the internet. Btw if you are argue that it is false then you are either blind to it or choose to look the other way.

showtimefolks1147d ago

can't wait, one of the biggest next gen/pc titles. Also i am hopeful after reading a different interview that they may port over witcher 1-2 to ps4/xbox one

how awesome would it be to have a witcher collection containing all 3 games come may or june of 2016

Meltic1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

This ( April) month is a busy month for the witcher 3 devs. The final debugging and the final tweaks Before the big release

MrCherry1145d ago

Im sory but a fuc&ing card game? Is any one reely geeking out about the "cards"? Thats why we got magic I dont see it being a hit card game so why add it, I feel like thiy should have put something els in for that much $ or a little dlc to say thk you for buying this.