BloodBorne - All Special Hunter Tools Locations (Hunter's Craft Trophy)

There are 9 total special hunter tools in the game and these are the locations of all the special tools needed to earn the hunters craft trophy.

1.Old Hunter Bone - this tool is located in Cathedral Ward you will have to beat the Blood Starved Beast for the door to open.

2.Beast Roar - this tool is located in the Forbidden Woods you dont have to do anything special to get this tool.

3.Empty Phantasm Shell - you can get this tool in Byrenwerth its also another easy one that doesnt require anything special to get.

4.Tiny Tonitrus - Yahar'gul Chapel is the place you get this one careful when getting this one the lightning ray can do some serious damage!

5.Augur of Eberitas - the location of this one is at the Lecture Building's 2nd floor you will need the Lecture Theatre Key to get this tool.

6.Messenger's Gift - you can get this one at the Nightmares Frontier you will need a Tonsil Stone to get into the Nightmares Frontier make sure to bring Antidote and Sedatives.

7.Choir Bell - Mergo's Loft Middle is the place to get this tool again bring some Sedatives and be careful if you dont have alot of health.

8.Executioner's Gloves - are location in Foraken Castle Cainhurst you will need a Cainhurst summons to get into this place.

9.A Call Beyond - is located in Upper Cathedral Ward you will need 2 keys to get into this place an Upper Cathedral Key and an Orphanage Key which is found in Upper Cathedral once you have those 2 items you will have to beat the Celestial Emissary Boss.

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some of these are really powerful!