Frozenbyte is pleased with sales of Trine: Enchanted Edition on Wii U

Finnish developer Frozenbyte’s Trine: Enchanted Edition was recently released on the Wii U eShop, sporting the graphical enhancements of the Trine 2 engine but featuring the story from the original game. Wii U fans have been eager to play the game, but one took to Twitter to ask the developers whether or not they’re pleased with how well the first game is performing on the Wii U.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1204d ago

The original version of Trine 2 is truly a fantastic title. Once I have the money I'm definitely getting the Enchanted Edition.

deafdani1203d ago

The Enchanted Edition is for the first game, not the second. Just FYI.

wonderfulmonkeyman1203d ago

I don't know why i added the 2 to that post. My bad.XD

LOL_WUT1203d ago

Its on sell right now in the eShop i'd say go for it I bought the 2nd one and it was a blast so i'll definitely be downloading the first ;)