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FilmGamesEtc - "After Resident Evil 6’s polarizing critical reception, it was clear that Capcom’s inability to implement the series’ trademark sense of foreboding terror, and nail-biting tension into a more modernized formula was drastically hurting the future of the franchise. Thankfully, the surprisingly well-received debut of Resident Evil: Revelations changed all that. By successfully combining contemporary gameplay mechanics with white-knuckle action and old-school survival horror elements, Resident Evil: Revelations finally presented fans with a thoroughly engaging experience they could really sink their teeth into. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 continues that same clear-cut vision nearly two years later, fully embracing the subtitled series’ episodic narrative structure, and infusing it with more visceral gameplay and punishing enemy encounters for a satisfying take on modern survival horror."

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WizzroSupreme1207d ago

I wanna play this when it's on sale, but not any sooner. It just looks all right – better than the series' action stuff lately, though.

Monstar1207d ago

its garbage trust me....very mediocre and boring. Low budget or not this game wasn't necessary they are just trying to cash in on the name a lone now. Crapcom is dead.