Rainbow 6 Siege Alpha Stream

Today Ubisoft showcased about two hours of alpha gameplay of the upcoming tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which will hit the shelves for PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

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Bathyj1147d ago

So is it still gonna have the Single Player campaign with a squad you can give orders to, because thats the whole point for me.

Theres no good squad games anymore like Brothers in Arms, Conflict Desert storm and Full Spectrum Warrior. Everything has to be multiplayer now. I love Rainbow 6, stacking your team against a door while you go in through a different entry to create confusion. Great stuff.

slate911147d ago

But wouldnt you agree doing all that stuff with live, unpredictable human players offers a better experience? Ig you would have to make sure to use friends all the time though

Bathyj1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

No. No I wouldnt.

I like playing games at my pace and making a plan and pulling it off. Not having to co-ordinate with people dont know, or even people I do. I may wait 5 minutes at a door waiting for the right time to go. Who wants to do that when its 5 or 6 real people standing around waiting. I dont want unpredictable. I want the squad to do what I tell them. That way if the plan doesnt work, I know it was me.

I enjoyed all the other RB6's and Ghost Recons for the single player only, I'm just hoping I'll be able to with this as well.

LexHazard791147d ago

No it wouldn't. Thats the point the ai will do what I tell it. When you play online with a team everyone wants to be a Chief and no one wants to follow. Thats just me tho..

WizzroSupreme1147d ago

Rainbow Six is looking amazing. Such strategy and really cool action. I want this now.

urwifeminder1147d ago

Looks a little disappointing but looking forward to letting my team down , hope it has a sit down button so you can sit in the backyard while the war rages.

showtimefolks1146d ago

I know i maybe in the minority but i really loved the fist rainbow six vegas game, 2nd i felt was rushed. Would have loved to see some more in that or similar universe

Meltic1146d ago

even for a closed alpha or beta it looks nothing like e3.... ubidowngrade