Start A Videogame Kickstarter & Steal From An Icon. Why Not

Greg Micek writes: "Game developers running roughshod over the intellectual property of others is an all too common occurrence on Kickstarter. Whether they’re trying to turn Saturday morning cartoon icons into mascots for gambling, reviving a beloved series they have no rights to, or just stealing someone else’s content, the shadier side of Kickstarter never ceases to be entertaining.

Case in point, the Kickstarter campaign for Greanwold’s World; or more specifically its pitch video."

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phoenixwake1061d ago

That's atrocious. I've seen several crowdfunding projects do this. It's sad and makes a bad name for anyone looking to do this legitimately. I remember noticing artwork on this one game project that was ripped from Wasteland 2 concept art. So somebody actually stole artwork from one of the most successful game projects on Kickstarter to put into their Kickstarter game project.

So unprofessional.