I'm taking a break. It's not you, gaming, it's me

By Ben Kuchera: "It's a strange, almost scary thing to look out at the landscape of games, which encompasses hundreds of genres and hundreds of thousands of titles, and find nothing that grabs you"

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360ICE970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

I've had a quite a few of those breaks myself. Sometimes there's just no time. Other times I just don't feel like playing games for an extended period of time.

That's not the case now, though. Never mind my two jobs and studies, Rocket League is on the horizon ;)

joab777970d ago

It's not that kind of break

I just got out of one. Nothing has interested me in awhile, until Bloodborne. It changed everything. I played a couple mmo's last ur but don't have time to keep up...and sp games have been quite weak imo.

Good thing is that it's Bloodborne, my vacation and The Witcher 3.

VenomUK969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

Ben Kuchera said: "I was forced to admit that the problem wasn't the selection of games on the market, but my own need to get away from playing games for a bit. It seems like every year or two I hit a few weeks, or even a month or so, when gaming as a whole just doesn't feel enjoyable."

This doesn't surprise me one bit. When I read his articles his heart never seemed to be in it - to be honest I don't think it ever was.

I absolutely believe in diversity in gaming and the industry, but Kuchera would clumsily use his articles as a political platform to complain about games and gamers even when it wasn't relevant to the subject matter. He would write 'serious' pieces that just went off-track completely.

Some journalists see games' writing as easy money but they shouldn't be doing it if they don't have that love for it. This is something you can't fake, this is something you can't hide as it comes out in your words and the way you express yourself. The public can tell.

Septic969d ago

"This doesn't surprise me one bit. When I read his articles his heart never seemed to be in it - to be honest I don't think it ever was. "

In all fairness, I think a lot of us gamers (particularly older ones) go through this phase.

Alas, this is just a temporary break, not the permanent one many were hoping for :P

VenomUK969d ago

Septic, I think I get what you are saying about gamers having phases. For me, it's not that I stop enjoying games, it's just that sometimes real world stuff happens like work and family which leaves no time for gaming.

Kalebninja969d ago

oh yeah, withcer 3 has me excited.

Maddens Raiders969d ago

Pathetic. I never tire of playing video games and have been playing since the early eighties. Just leave dude - no one cares.

mabreu969d ago

It's OK to take a break from gaming, just try to make it a temporary break. I've been playing video games in the early 80's. I know very well that gaming can be expensive and time consuming.

However, there is a big upside to having a gamer lifestyle. It helps fight against mental illnesses like depression and alzheimer's. It also improves brain functions like memory and spacial navigation. It can greatly improve your life in so many ways. Just maintain a health body, have fun and take breaks when you need to.

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SantistaUSA970d ago

same here, I go through phases, before last holidays I just couldn't stop playing then during the holidays I had to work so much that I went almost 3 months without touching any game, now I'm starting to get back to it again.

Exari970d ago Show
Ripsta7th969d ago

I feel i enjoy gaming more when i have a job, as able to get new releases right away

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Godmars290970d ago

So he's taking a break from his job?

Not only don't let the door hit where the dog should've bit ya - but lose the key!

OrangePowerz970d ago

Maybe I can get an article on N4G the next time I take holidays? :)

Dee_91970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

I know right, what the hell does this have to with gaming?
I didn't read the article, I don't want any malware on my computer.

Wait.. aww crap I thought he was taking a break from polygon.. he talking about gaming? I can't tell you how disappointed I am that he isn't taking a break from blogging.. I was really happy for a minute.. crap.
On that note

morganfell969d ago


He only matters in regards to the sheer amount of damage he has done to gaming and to companies with people far more talented than he. His presence as a worthless critic has made gaming less than it would have been without him. I for one hope he sees the hole that he leaves behind has a more positive effect on gaming than he does when he fills that hole.

360ICE969d ago

You probably can. Not sure if you've noticed, but anything goes.

SilentNegotiator969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

Ben hates his audience anyway; why should gamers care if he's bored with video games?

Plus, he spends his time trying to get people with opposing views to his fired like the neo-McCarthyist that he is; he is scum that thinks that people that don't think like him don't deserve to make a living.

PS. I sincerely hope that he reads this comment section on N4G and realizes how much gamers despise the way that he has pushed stereotypes and has harassed people for opposing views.

Dee_91969d ago

Yea any level minded person would read these comments and start to self evaluate.But a self centered-narcissist would see this as some type of proof of self importance lol.

360ICE969d ago

Oh. I guess every person who has ever written anything controversial on the Internet should self-evaluate. (I mean, we always should, but still)

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AnotherProGamer970d ago

He got fired actually

Polygon left him write a letter to make it look good for him

Snookies12969d ago

Hah, Polygon trying to make things look good... I took a break too, from Polygon. A break I fully intend to last indefinitely.

morganfell968d ago

When Polygon fires Arthur Gies and Brian Crecente then they will be making a legitimate effort to cut away the cancer.

TheFutureIsBlue970d ago

I'm taking a break from gaming.

It's called sleep.

The break will end when I wake up.

CaptainObvious878970d ago

Ben never liked gaming. In fact, I'm not sure if he even likes fun. Maybe he can't even recognise it.

In any case it's one less sexist leech infecting games journalism with toxic harassment and stereotyping. I hope the break becomes permanent.

SilentNegotiator969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

Wouldn't it be beautiful if this became a trend? People that care more about demonizing gamers and their little moral crusades than games, like Sessler and now Ben Kuchera, just walking away?

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-Foxtrot970d ago

Oh no Ben Polygon is taking a break...after the shit he wrote about during GamerGate and the fact he works for a crappy corrupt website he can take that break for as long as he likes.

Don't hurry back.

gamejediben970d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Bubbles for you!

overrated44970d ago

Glad there are other people in the gaming community that are as fed up with Kuchera and Polygon as I am. Thanks for saying what we're all thinking so eloquently.

Mega24970d ago

Funny, if I've would have typed the same comment as you, I would have been marked a troll. Anyway, totally agree with you, maybe Polygon should take a break too.

animegamingnerd970d ago

Bye Ben hope you take a long break cause none of us will miss you.

BitbyDeath970d ago

Never heard of him but I do know Polygon sucks so feel free to burn it down on the way out.