If You Thought that The Witcher 3 on Xbox One Looks Less than Great, Think Again: It Looks Awesome

There has been a lot of talk about the Xbox One version of The Witcher: 3 Wild Hunt due to the fact that it runs at “only” 900p, and doesn’t reach the magical 1920×1080 pixel count everyone wants.

Yet, there's no doubt about that, the game looks stunning on Xbox One.

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ArchangelMike931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

We know it's going to look great whatever the platform, but there is so much else going on with this game to talk about than just the graphics. From the combat, to the quests, to the monster hunting, to the lore, the different endings etc etc. I hope we get excited for more than just the graphics and the obligatory "my platform is better than your platform" arguments. The Witcher 3 is one game that deserves much more recognition for all that's going on in the game than just it's looks.

Kurisu931d ago

I've never played any of The Witcher games. I'm hearing a lot of good things about this though so I think I'll check it out at some point.

baodeus931d ago


You should. If you agree Red dead redemption is the best at portraying the West, Witcher is the best at portraying medieval period, with some magic and fantasy mix in. The dialogue, the amazing story, the badass characters, pretty tactical and challenging gameplay, the stagerring contents, branching story path, no BS black and white moral...real consequences...should I say more. This series is the creams of the crop, in my opinion, in the RPG genre (wrpg & jrpg).

UnHoly_One930d ago

I played Witcher 2 and didn't care for it.

My main gripe about it was character development in terms of combat. Regardless of what skills you chose as you leveled up, your character remained basically the same kind of two-handed sword using character. Maybe with a few different abilities or a fireball, but basically you're always a warrior at your core.

I like RPGs where you can create wildly different character types so that I can replay them in totally different ways.

If you look at a game like Dragons Dogma, for instance, it was an entirely different experience playing as some of the other classes.

I'm still watching this one, though, and will probably trick myself into thinking I will like it at some point when it is on sale. :D

lelo2play931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Even if the X1 version (of multiplat games) looks great, most people will always go for the PS4 version because it will always look better... and that ladies and gentleman is the X1's biggest problem.
Microsoft were stingy on the hardware, now they are suffering the consequences. That is the main reason why the PS4 is the top seller of consoles. Why would a person go for the X1 version, when they can go for the better looking PS4 version at the same price?

At this moment the only way the X1 could stand a chance against the PS4, is with more exclusives... and more exclusives... and more exclusives. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the X1 doesn't have that many exclusives.

DougLord931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Research has shown that thse VAST majority of people cannot correctly identify the PS4 version of a game from the Xone version when shown them side by side.

PS4 version will sell more because people will buy a multi plat for the system they already own. More people own a PS4. No one is going to spend $450 just for Witcher.

marloc_x931d ago

YOU, would not be able to tell the difference..

samchez77931d ago

Not necessarily. People have console preferences for a wide range of reason. In fact, graphics isn't that high on the list as long as parity is close....which it is. Take last gen for example. Xbox360 had the graphical edge in most cases but at the end of the gen, the PS3 won out in sales......

gamer9931d ago


The X1's biggest issue was kinect, and the loss of early adopters and public image. If your eyes are so good that you can cleary see the gap between X1 and PS4 then it's interesting that you are playing anything on console. Go get a PC and count some pixels.

GearSkiN931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

If you buy because ps4 does 1080 on NOT A THEIR GAMES then go for it. Some likes exclusive games the competitor offers.

Wickerman1972930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

@DougLord: It doesn't matter if they can actually tell the difference or not. They know PS4 is more powerful because that information is all over the internet and also has had plenty of time to get around by word of mouth. Everybody knows it! In a poll that was done recently asking people why they chose PS4 better resolution than X1 was the reason most often given. Whether you want to believe it or not Mattrick's decision to go cheap on the hardware has hugely effected sales of the console.

PONTIAC08G8GT930d ago

"Why would a person go for the X1 version, when they can go for the better looking PS4 version at the same price?"
"Unfortunately for Microsoft, the X1 doesn't have that many exclusives."

I bought an X1 because I don't like the Playstation, the games, or the controller. I like the exclusives on X1 better, the controller, Live, I actually use my Kinect for Skype and not having to wear a headset when playing online, and majority of my friends own one so I can play online with them. It's a pretty stupid to say "why would anyone buy an X1 because the PS4 looks better." There are more things then graphics, but that seems to be only thing that matters to you.

As for having "more" exclusives on PS4, doesn't mean they are better. Bloodbourne is the first amazing exclusive for the PS4, while the X1 has a lot of great exclusives. FH2, Sunset, TF, Forza 5.

NuggetsOfGod930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

So you think because ps4 can do 900 & 1080p games and 99.8% of them being 28 - 30fps means sony didn't cheap out on the hardware?

Just enjoy the game.

I should be playing this 1440p @60fps with two gtx 970s. :)

If people want better graphics why go for ps4 & not pc?

Ps4 will look barely any different than the Xbox version. They will both run at similar fps.

I am pleased that cdpr have never shown ultra settings.

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TheXgamerLive931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

The story was written by a child , "LOOK WORSE"? And since when is 900p subHD, lol. that guy is an idiot.
And NO!, Multiplats most of the time look better on the Xbox One due to DX giving it better lighting and small details. Don't read a number 900 vs 1080 etc... and disagree, just look with your eyes at most any DF digital Foundry video. eyes only.
That said both versions will of course look incredible.

If your denying your lying.

ShinMaster931d ago

the hell are you talking about?

kraenk12931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

You have some serious issues. keep telling you that, it might come true some day.

MazzingerZ931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Agree. Who cares about resolution? Let's sell tons of copies on both consoles so the Witcher desv/publisher sees console gaming as a serious plattform for next iteration.

I'm console-only gamer since last 15 years.

poppinslops931d ago

Yeah, I'm playing the first Witcher on PC and the amount of crap I went through to get it working (have to run it on min-specs even though my PC could EASILY run it at high/max, Valve/steam were no help and it still crashes) has ensured that it's the last PC game I play for a while.

Master race, my arse...

uth11931d ago

@poppinslops- Stuff like that is exactly why I became exasperated with PC gaming after many years of being a PC-only gamer,

CaptainObvious878931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

I agree, as long as the developer is pushing both consoles and not holding one back for the sake of parity, then we should be able to move on and talk about the actual game content and design.

I really wish I could automatically do that right from the start with every game without a worry. As a big Sony fan I'm honestly sick of talking about resolution, but unfortunately there's still a few publishers that think parity is acceptable.

3-4-5931d ago

Never played the series.....Have an Xbox One....Looks like a good game to start the series with.

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Palitera931d ago

I'm much more interested in better frame rate than on 900 x 1080p, so I hope both versions are well optimized to what they can do and keep at least their 30+ FPS steady.

borneblood123931d ago

The xb1 does have it's strengths with consistency in frame rates.

That's one very good thing about it.

Fro_xoxo931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

of coarse, it's a pretty game.

there isn't much of a difference between 900p 'nd 1080p to affect the graphics significantly.

Eonjay931d ago

Im pretty sure no one thought it looked less than great.

meche334931d ago

Tbh the only difference I might see is more aliasing in some games i see no difference between 900p and 1080p or even 720p

crazychris4124931d ago

Stevie Wonder could see the difference between 1080p and 720p

meche334931d ago

lol i see a difference but its not big of a difference to me

borneblood123931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

To be fair 720p vs 1080p on consoles is nowhere near the same as 720p vs 1080p on PC.

The consoles have such excellent upscalers in them and decent TV's have superb post processing that it is really hard to tell the difference.

900p vs 1080p on consoles is near identical.

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