Aesthetic Excellence in Hotline Miami 2

Marcus Estrada writes: "It’s safe to say that when Hotline Miami launched in 2012 there was nothing quite out there like it. Sure, stealth and puzzle games are available, but none featured this specific brand of style that Dennaton Games produced. The gritty, disturbing vibe paired with ‘80s colors and thumping soundtrack simply came together in the best way possible. While there’s some debate (on the ending in particular) as to whether 2015’s Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number lives up to its predecessor or not those outrageous visuals were carried through. Only now it’s even bloodier and the visuals have been modified slightly to tie in with a slightly more 90s timeframe. No matter what your opinions are toward actual gameplay and storytelling, it’s still a damn good (if horrifying) game to look at."

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